The Jenna Tote

The Jenna Tote


"THE JENNA" is the first in our #BOSSLADIES series of handmade totes. These totes pay homage to the most formidable female icons of our time.  Reminding us all to reach higher, "THE JENNA"  asks "what would Jenna Lyons do?" 

We care about the environment so these reusable totes are made from recycled cotton which complies with all fair wage and fair labor standards.  We will continue to strive to create a quality product that combines fashion and function while celebrating the strong women who define the phrase "boss."

All totes are machine washable on cold, and should be hung to dry. 

Each of our #BOSSLADIES totes are limited editions, so make sure to get your boss before she's gone!

Each #BOSSLADIES tote ships domestically for free, 10-14 days after date of purchase. 

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