Always Iconic: The Nelson Bubble Pendant

There are a lot of pieces out there that you can buy for your home that can work with any decor and be timeless, but there are very few that can work with any decor, are timeless, and are also inexpensive. The Nelson Bubble pendant is one of those few things. Created by George Nelson, one of the fathers of American Modernism, the bubble pendant has been gracing homes for decades and it just seems to be one of those things (like an Eames chair) that never goes out of style.

Over the summer there was a new issue of AD featuring Michael Kors and his stunning NYC apartment, and front and center was the Nelson Bubble pendant. As I leafed through the mag, I sensed a trend as almost every home featured had a bubble pendant somewhere in it. I, myself, have two in my home and I purposefully chose them first for their looks, but also for their affordability. The pendants can bring a touch of modernity to almost any space and I had a pretty good time pulling images to prove this point.

I know the Nelson pendant is nothing new, but the way that designers are still embracing it after all these years definitely makes it an icon, and it’s something that I think we are going to continue to see for decades to come. Xx

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