My Waban Project's Formal Living Room Featured In Sunday's Boston Globe

Over the weekend the formal living room from my ongoing project in Waban, was featured in the Style Watch section of the Boston Globe Magazine and I’m so excited to finally be able to share the rest of the room here on my site with all of you. As you longtime readers know, this is a house I’ve been working on for the last few years for a good friend of mine and this is the second publication for this project! (The first can be seen here).

When I first I started to conceptualize this space I already had a good idea where this room was heading, given that I had already finished designing the majority of the rest of the home. I knew I wanted to keep some of the common themes from the rest of the house (neutrals, deep blues, brass and black accents) but I also felt like it was important that this space had an identity of its own. I wanted to do something glamorous given that this was a formal space, but initially I wasn’t quite sure where to start. I first found the artwork that you see over the fireplace and gold console, by Brooklyn based artist Lisa Hunt, in a store in SOHO a few years ago and that artwork really inspired the rest of the room.

My goal for the space was to create a room that was made for entertaining and I really wanted to re-think the idea of a traditional formal living room, which can often feel stuffy and uncomfortable. Instead I wanted to design a room that was built for both casual and formal entertaining and one that really paid homage to the 19th century home that this room was part of. The end result is one that is fun, vibrant, ageless, and a space that is truly unique. My client / friend really trusted me with this space from he beginning and I have to applaud her for never flinching in her support, even when I would send her things like that gold console. I knew this space was going to be magical when she immediately jumped on board with my idea to make an art display out of black pottery and when it comes to interior design it’s a truth that rooms like this can only be created when you and your client are totally on the same page. I feel incredibly grateful that I was able to get the leeway that I needed form my clients to create a room that I am so proud of.

Below you can see all the beautiful little corners of the room, and if you’d like to read the article (which has sources!) you can find it online here. The experience of seeing my work in print is one that will never get old and I have to say it’s just as exciting as it was the first time around. A huge thank you to Sabrina Cole Quinn for her stunning photography and to Marni Katz for her wonderful article and for immediately seeing the possibility in this project. Xx


All photography by the incredibly talented Sabrina Cole Quinn