Trending Fall 2018: Animal Print

Without question I feel like I look my best when I am wearing leopard print. It also took me until the end of this summer to realize this. It’s not that I have that many leopard pieces but I’ve found that the ones that I do have are the pieces I reach for the most, and there were a few times these past few months that I’ve had to remind myself that I had just worn the same outfit the week or two prior. The sad thing was that I was sort of at a loss throwing something together without wearing it again.

The thing about leopard print is that it carries with it an feeling of instant chicness and sexiness, and I think that is what has me wanting to wear it so often. It’s like I am my most confident self when flanked in leopard and because of that it’s no surprise that I chose the print to wear for my recent “Most Stylish” feature. My love of leopard is pretty apparent in my wardrobe, I wear leopard mules almost every day and have a few leopard blouses and dresses that are heavily in my rotation. My favorite bathing suit is covered in leopard print and I’ve worn it so many times that I’m pretty sure it’s about to fall apart. I’m personally not a huge fan of a fur like leopard coat, but I can see why people love them and when I see them usually out in the, err wild, I always question why it is that I don’t own one myself.

The good thing is that leopard, and animal print in general, is print that is pretty easy to come by, and at all price points. This season I think we are going to see more animal prints than usual and clearly this is something that I am not mad about. Not at all. Below I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite inspiration images that show just how versatile leopard is and I’ve also rounded up a few of my favorite animal print pieces of the season in case this print is something that you are missing in your wardrobe. They say you can never have too much of a good thing and when it comes to leopard print clothing I unequivocally agree! Xx

get the look.jpg

Top photo (in one of my favorite leopard shirts) by Jaimie Baird Photography

All other images via Marie Claire // Vogue // The Lady Like Leopard // Armenyl // Grazia