Fall 2018 Trendspotting : Mad For Plaid

I know it's about 100000 degrees in most of the US right now, but September is just around the corner and we all know this new season always brings with it the promise of a new fall wardrobe.  

The weather in Boston pretty much sucks about 8 months a year but we have fall, and fall ushers in the most beautiful weather that is perfect for getting dressed. You know, DRESSED. During the winter and spring, unless I have a special event I live in my jeans and parkas, and that's about as wild as I get. In the summer it's cutoffs and a pair of leather sandals which feels pretty freeing in the beginning of the season, but becomes a bit monotonous by the end. But fall, fall. Fall is when all my silk blouses, wool trousers, loafers, dresses, SCARVES, and blazers come out to play. Let's just say that if there were ever a time I'd want to run into an ex- boyfriend on the street, September- November would definitely be that time because the likelihood of me looking like my best self multiples about 10x in those perfect months.

I find that I tend to do most of my shopping for the year during the summer. The first few weeks of summer break I shop because I am eager to cash in on all the incredible sales from the season prior, and I find that I do the rest of my annual shopping in August because all of a sudden everything in the shops looks so shiny and new and well, fall-like. After months spent barefoot in caftans, a blazer and a pair of boots always sounds pretty damn good. I always like to see what's being featured in the September issues and while I wouldn't consider myself to be trendy, as I really only purchase pieces that I feel I could wear over and over throughout the next decade, I do know that once I see certain looks on repeat I tend to want them too and I guess I'd rather be ahead of a trend than behind it. 

If I had to pick on the one thing that I think we will be seeing a lot of this coming season, based on recent ad campaigns, it's going to be plaid and I have to say that this is one trend that I am not mad about. (You see what I did there, right?) Plaid is going to be everywhere this year and considering that this is one of those things that becomes "hot" at least once every decade, it's one trend you don't have to be afraid to invest in. Right now I'm loving the idea of pairing plaid with unexpected prints like floral or leopard, and I'll always be a sucker for some plaid on plaid. These pants are currently topping my wishlist, and I'm thinking it might be worth spending some time at my local thrift shop for a cool "vintage" blazer considering that I'm sandwiched between multiple universities which means there has to be some cool cast-offs out there somewhere. 

Below I've rounded up 20 of my favorite new plaid pieces for fall, along with some serious plaid inspiration (sadly, bouquets of sharpened pencils are sold separately). It may not feel like it, but soon the first day of school will be here. Xx

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