Copenhagen Fashion Week: Flip Flops, Dad Sneakers & Bicycle Shorts, Oh My!

Copenhagen Fashion Week tends to be my favorite fashion week, mostly because I favor anything that happens during the summer that also involves warm-weather fashion. Beyond that, I tend to find a lot of inspiration at this specific show given that the European fashionistas that always find a way to BRING IT to Copenhagen. This year was no exception, but I have to say I did find myself scratching my head quite a bit looking at the captures from these street-style mavens because normcore is trending and it seems to be taking over. 

Plastic flip flops with silk skirts, bicycle shorts with Burberry, dad sneakers paired with lace dresses, you name it, someone wore it to Copenhagen FW. I pride myself on being a bit of a comfort queen but I even have to admit this might be taking things just a bit too far. I had a long conversation with a girlfriend of mine about this very topic last week and we agreed that the bike shorts and dad sneaks are probably better left to the fashion world, but we disagreed about the return of the plastic flip flop.

In my 20’s I would wear flip flops everywhere and with everything, but as I’ve aged I’ve found my way to a leather sandal and never, EVER did I think I’d be going back. I mean, aren’t we all evolved enough to know that flip flops are for gym showers and the beach and not for evening wear? My friend disagreed wholeheartedly and brought up a good point that flip flops are just the summer versions of the white sneaker and we all know that I’m the biggest proponent of all things that involve a white sneaker. I've got to say, it's kind of hard to argue with that logic. 

The real highlight for me during this fashion week was the return of the Dior saddle bag and it seems like quite a few people got the memo and channeled their inner Carrie Bradshaw. I feel like so many of outfits could have appeared on SJP during the series which has me asking in a very SATC way, do fashion trends cycle every 20 years? If that's the case I'm pretty sure I can never get rid of anything ever again I'm also questioning why I never got a saddle bag in the 90's. It would be vintage by now! 

Below you will find a few of my favorite looks from the week that was, that also highlight the norm core trend. These are looks that will probably remain with the street style crew but as we all know they always tend to find a way to trickle down to everyone else. Xx

Images via Sandra Semburg and Vogue