The Costa House: Under Construction

It's hard to believe it, but somehow almost two months have passed and we are already packing up our life down here in preparation for our return to the states. It's been incredible to have spent so much time in the country we love and watching our house go up before my very eyes is an experience that I won't soon forget. What was once just an idea, casually drawn on a piece of paper, is becoming a real life structure and it's crazy to think that the next time we see the house it's going to be almost done. 

I haven't posted much on the construction of the house, because up until now it didn't really seem complete enough to show what was actually happening. Like an ultrasound of a small fetus, unless you know the full anatomy it's hard understand how all the pieces fit together. Up until a few weeks ago the house only consisted of what looked like cubes made of cinder block and it was challenging to make out what area was what. This morning our builder sent me some great pictures of the property and finally the structure is starting to resemble the renderings.

These pictures classify as true "befores," but as you will see, the house is really starting to take shape. By the time I'm back here in December, the roof will be on, the windows will be installed and we will be talking about the installation of the finishes. Right now all of that seems like it is so far away, but if these last few months have taught me anything it's that once you get started, things move pretty quickly. 

I thought it would make for an interesting post to show the renderings alongside the actual structure. Seeing the two side by side you really can see how the house coming together and what's still left to build. As of last week the second floor is going up and I'm crossing my fingers that a good portion of the walls will be finished before I leave on Monday, so I can walk though all the rooms to get a real feel for the space. As I mentioned in this post, we are pretty much at the point of no return but so far each room has been pretty much how I imagined. There is still so much to do but it's starting to feel like this longtime dream is going to soon be a reality. Xx 

Anderson July 07 201811.jpg
Anderson July 07 20189.jpg
Anderson July 07 201813.jpg
Anderson July 07 20187.jpg

(Here is where we are at now, those walls you see are the master bedroom taking shape!)

Anderson July 07 2018.jpg
Anderson July 07 201814.jpg
Anderson July 07 201817.jpg