This month marks the seventeen year anniversary from the first time my husband and I visited Nosara, and I can unequivocally say that we love this town even more than we ever could have imagined two decades ago. This sleepy, surf-side community has become our home and seeing our actual home going up before our eyes is a feeling that I can barely put into words. Building a life here really does feel "fated" and looking back on the last twenty years of my life I can see that every decision that I have ever made has led me here. People talk about the spell this place can cast on you and man, it's got us good. 

Right now we are almost three weeks into our longest trip yet and I feel so lucky that out family will get to spend another five weeks in our little paradise. When the kids were little a month down here felt like a lifetime, but now I'm pretty sure I could stay here forever. It takes some getting used to the slow place of life (so much guilt when you are doing "nothing" all day) but I'm slowly realizing that part of the beauty of this town is that it forces you to do so. Nothing here is fast or easy, but it's always an adventure and it's one that I hope will only get better when we have some real roots. 

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. It seems like every day down here is very much the same, but when it's this good there is no reason to ask for anything more! Xx