We Should All Care

Just when I think this administration can't be more ruthless, our First Lady wears something that is so tone deaf and so purposely chosen, the only possibility for such a cruel error in judgement is that she is trying to distract attention away from human rights crisis of her husband's making. Distract from the fact that right now over 2000+ children have been forcibly removed from their parents and are being shipped and hidden throughout OUR country, all the while being caged like animals.

Many of these innocent children will never be reunited with the only family that they know on this entire planet. OUR president's response? Inprison them as family, indefinitely, for a misdemeanor crime. You know the kind of crime that is on the same level as reckless driving and public drunkenness. This is one of those moments in history where a country loses its moral compass and finds itself the perpetrator of heinous human rights violations. The only difference is that this time WE are the perpetrators. 

I refuse to stay silent. I believe that imagery matters. The First Lady may think that we do not care, but she is wrong. I care and so do most of you. I'm so inspired by the marches that are planned for this weekend and the fact that Trump caved to pressure. I'm not sure if caging families is in any way better than caging children, but this is the kind of fucked up world we are living in right now. America sure feels great, doesn't it? 

I have to believe that there will be a reckoning and that reckoning will come in November. I purchased one of these "November is Coming" hats basically just to show my disgust with our First Lady and I also donated again to ActBlue. It felt good to do so through the site www.ireallydocare.com. Melania may not care, but I do and I hope you do too. We have to elect people who will stop this madness. Our humanity depends on it. Families belong together. 

Top illustration via Justin Teodoro /Hats and Jackets via Alison Brett

P.S. It's not lost on me that I'm an American immigrant who is currently in a spanish country in Central America. My family is very lucky that this country has laws that will prevent my children from being taken from me and shipped to unknown destinations. It really makes you question which country is actually the "developing" one.