Costa House Must Have: Climbing Bougainvillea

The Costa house is in full swing, and I can't even begin to explain what it is like to be down here watching our dream come to life in real time. Our builder is about to start on the second floor so I've been able to walk through the space to get a feel for what it will be like when we have the furniture in. So far I have loved every decision that I've made, and I can only hope things continue to go as smoothy as they have these last few months. Either way this house is going to be DONE before March, and I couldn't be more excited. 

It's interesting, when I first conceptualized the design for this home I felt like I was really going out on a limb by embracing the modern aesthetic. In the the few years since, the modern / tropical Mediterranean vibe has really caught on and now there are a few more homes that have recently gone up that have the same feel as ours. My guess is that a lot of people are seeing what is happening in Los Angeles and are bringing those same elements into their builds here. (Glass, lots of plaster, indoor / outdoor living, open floor-plans, etc..) On one hand I'm feeling a little bit happier knowing that our home won't stand out as such an anomaly, but on the other I'm wondering if these modern homes are eventually going to feel like some of those super modern 80's homes do, and we all know how well those have aged. 

I'm feeling lucky that I've had the chance to see some homes that I don't love, but ones that are similar enough to ours because it reinforces some of the decisions that I've made thus far. From the beginning my idea was to create a modern exterior, but to fill it with enough furnishings, tiles and textiles so that it feels lived in and homey. The two should counterintuitive  but now that I've seen what's around I'm even more convinced that this is something that I can pull off. 

Given that I'm confident about the interior, the question now is how to bring that same lived in feel to the exterior. My goal for this house is for it to feel like it could be on an island in Greece, and not as though it would be in the new Miami Vice reboot. The answer to this is, of course, landscaping and you can bet that I've given a lot of thought into what I want to surround the home. Our backyard abuts an 100 acre nature preserve (i.e. a jungle) but I still want to make sure we bring some life up to our property and I've decided that the best way to do this is to COVER the house in climbing Bougainviela. 


Above is the house rendering sans any landscaping (and without tile) and below is what I think it could become. 

You all can see it, right??? Imagine if all of the overhangs had Bougainvillea poring off of them, and the entire front of the house as well. I think the pink is going to look amazing against all of the white and teak, and just like my plan for the interiors, it's going to bring so much softness to an otherwise hard shell. The best part is that Bougainvillea is a low water plant and considering that this area is prone to drought, that is a very good thing. Our street already is chocked full of the flowering plant and I really think that this addition to the facade of our own home is going to make such a difference. 

Last week, I mentioned this to my architect and she LOVES the idea. We are going to try to get the front of the house cleaned up in time to plant as much Bougainvillea as we can before the rainy season comes. This will allow them to be mature for when we move in and then we just sit back and watch them grow. I really can't think of a more beautiful "job" to have! Xx