The Fabulous World of Peter Dunham

(above: a peek at my Osterville project which incorporated my favorite Peter Dunham Fabric)

I'm pretty sure that there is no other designer that influences my personal design aesthetic more than Peter Dunham. His ability to layer color and pattern is always right on the money and I'm always so impressed by how he can instantly make a space feel like a home, even if it's one that is otherwise grand in scale or architecturally bare. I'm more restrained in my designs (I still have so much to learn) and I certainly tend to come from the "less is more" camp, but every time I see one of his multi-layered projects I'm reminded that sometimes more can be more.

Take Peter's 550 square foot apartment that was featured a few years ago in House Beautiful. The home is small on space but this teeny LA apartment is full of design details and it's almost hard for me to put into words just how much this appeals to my bohemian spirit. The use of texture and patterns in this space allows it to look and feel like a home curated over time (as I'm sure it was) and the color combinations are so bold, it really makes me give some thought to my minimalist tendencies. Just take a peek at what I'm talking about...

peter 1.jpg
peter 2.jpg
peter 5.jpg

While Dunham's home is decidedly very "West Coast," I could see this same scheme working a beach house or pied-a´-terre on this coast. In fact, Peter's fabrics are often my first choice to use in client projects and even though it's been used about 10000000 times, I will never tire of his fig leaf print. You can see above how I've used it in my most recent Cape house project and I firmly believe that there is no other pattern that would have made the room look as fresh as Dunham's fabric did. 

Beyond his own home, Dunham has created beautiful homes for clients all across the country. I spent some time perusing his portfolio and my already healthy obsession with Dunham's designs reached defcon 10 levels by the time I finished. I love how each of his projects are so unique from the next, and how Dunham used fabrics from his own line to bring in his unique personal touch. I didn't think it was possible to love his textiles any more than I already do but seeing all the various ways he incrorporates his fabrics has me wanting to use them again and again and in all my projects.

In case you are in search of a little spring pillow refresh in your own home, below I've linked to eleven pre-made pillows that all feature Dunham's beautiful fabric. As you can see, mixing and matching is the name of the game and when it comes to pillows we all know that one is never enough! Xx

get the look.jpg

Photo Credits: Top photo via Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography. Dunham’s apartment via House Beautiful. All other images via Dunham’s website.