In the world of overly curated Instagram content (dare I say phony?) finding an account to follow like the one that Captain Liz Clark has created is like finding a diamond in the rough. For years, Captain Lizzy and her recently deceased kitty Tropicat, have been sailing the South Pacific in search of adventure and sustainable living, and I've been following along with awe and envy every step of the way. Sponsored by Patagonia, Liz has devoted her life to living simply and spends her days sailing, surfing, diving and photographing her adventures. She is one of the most inspiring individuals that I've ever come across on the internet and it is my hope that her bravery and sense of adventure encourages other women and girls to follow her path. (She set out on her first trip at the age of 22!)

In April, Liz is releasing a new book Swell, a memoir that promises to be chalked full of beautiful images of her travels along with stories from her years at sea. I've already pre-ordered a copy for myself, along with a few to give as gifts, and on this International Women's Day I couldn't think of a better woman to highlight here on the blog. If you are in search of some inspiration yourself, look no no further than Liz Clark. You can find her Instagram profile here, and pre-order her book here. Xx