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The ONE Outfit That's Always Right

The ONE Outfit That's Always Right

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Last summer, while the kids were staying at their Grandparent's house, my Sister-in-law came to town and after a boozy brunch we were decidedly drunk. We started thinking that we should do a something a little crazy and memorable since it was such a rare occasion to be toasted at 2pm. (I did say we were drunk right?) Instead of hitting another bar (and another, and another ... and a then club) like we would have done pre-kids, we decided to do something really insane and buy a pair of Gucci slides that we each had been coveting for over a year. While it wasn't the most expensive purchase I've made in my life, it was one that was done on impulse and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't look at those shoes and smile. 

My SIL and I joke that these shoes really do make every outfit better and as long as you are wearing the shoes it doesn't really matter what you wear with them because you automatically going to be uber stylish. This hypothesis was actually put to the test the last time I was in New York when I ran out to the car in my pj's with my leopard gucci slides. No joke, I was a few feet from the apartment when someone stopped me to tell me they loved my outfit. My pajamas. They loved my totally non-descript pajamas and not in a sarcastic way. Why? Because they were paired with the slides, of course. 

My favorite way to wear my slides is to pair them with my favorite jeans, a white t-shirt, and a jacket of some kind thrown over it. I am my best self when I'm in this outfit mostly because it's simple and conformable. It's the perfect uniform and it's one that I will never tire off. I have tried to wear something else, but ultimately I circle back to this look for every day wear. Okay, when I'm feeling crazy I do throw a sweater or a #Bossladies sweatshirt over the tee, but you get the idea. 

Over the weekend I read this piece by Garance Dore, (it's worth the read- highly entertaining) and the moral of the story is that you can never go wrong with a white t-shirt, jeans, and a pair of Gucci shoes. The look is about as french- chic as you can get and that has to be true because it's coming from the expert on all things french and chic. To illustrate this point I pulled together a few seasonal outfits showing just how versatile this look can be. I kept the basics simple and affordable (we all know these shoes don't come cheap) and threw in a few swoon-worthy topers. This is pretty much my yearly wardrobe and I'm happy to know that I'm always in fashion by making it so. 

It's a great truth... a pair of Gucci loafers may not change your life, but they sure will change your wardrobe! Xx









Spring: Jeans || T-Shirt || Shoes || Trench

Summer: Jeans || T-Shirt || Shoes || Blazer

Fall: Jeans || T-Shirt || Shoes || Jacket

Winter: Jeans || T-Shirt || Shoes || Parka || Socks

Header image via The Adorable Two. Top image via Studded Rose



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