My Back Bay Project In Better Homes and Gardens CHINA

What do you do when the biggest magazine spread of your career comes out in a country with no social media??? You just have to wait until you can finally get your hands on a copy! The other day, my incredible photographer Sabrina surprised me by sending me a video of her holding the magazine which means that we finally have a copy! I immediately asked her to take some images so I could share it here and even though I have absolutely no idea what it says, this is still one of the most exciting things that has happened to me. I still can't believe that a project that I took on solely with my best friend has had so much reach and the idea that millions of people in CHINA are seeing my work makes me so incredibly proud. In short, we've gone global! 

Here is the spread in its entirety for those of you who would like to see. Sabrina said the magazine itself is so beautiful, filled with a number of swoon worthy projects, and I am so honored to see my work alongside them. I'm so grateful for everyone who helped to make this dream a reality and for all the support I received along the way. Xx 


All images by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography, as featured in the Better Homes and Gardens, January issue, China.