Paradise Found.

On Wednesday some of our crew will move up to our land to start building the house which is crazy and exciting, but mostly it's just exciting. It still blows my mind that my husband and I are building a house together, let alone a house in the middle of Central America. Sometimes, when I'm back home, I lay in bed and I Look up our street on Google Earth and I often get a little freaked out when I realize how remote Nosara is. At the time it seems so very far away. Then we are here for a week and it feels like we never left. 

I keep thinking to myself, wasn’t I just a 24 year old newlywed like 5 minutes ago? Aren't my husband and I still kids? When did we become old enough to build a house? In all my wildest dreams I would have never imaged my life ending up like this, yet here I am and it couldn’t feel more right. I’m so excited for this next chapter for our family and I feel like so many of the decisions that we've made have directed us to this place. Our family is so incredibly happy when we are down here and this easy life suits us so well. I’m so excited to be embarking on this next chapter in our lives and I’m forever grateful that I have this space to document it so I can always look back on tis time and remember just how awesome it was. 

Our home is due to be completed in late February, 2019, and I’ll be sharing most of our build here on the blog. I can't believe we are so close to finally living in this house and it's going to be a really beautiful place to call home. All of the decisions have been made and from here on out it's autopilot. I'm sure we will have some hiccups along the way but I'm confident that in the end this is going to all be worth it! Xx