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My Four Favorite Spotify Playlists

My Four Favorite Spotify Playlists

Last year, around the time of the horrific Las Vegas shooting, I made a very conscious decision to detach myself from social media and media in general. Up until the election, the highlight of my evening was watching the national news while I scrolled my Instagram feed, but last year the news was so depressing and I found that I was getting more wound up in the evening than I was winding down. Finally I had enough, and one week while my husband was traveling I started turning off the TV and my phone and instead I turned on my trusty little bluetooth speaker. I signed up for a family membership on Spotify, and night after night I would light some candles in my living room, pour a glass of wine, and I'd listen to music while I either read or worked on my computer. All I can say is that it was just about as peaceful as it sounds. 

Four months later, music has become part of my nightly routine. As soon as I get home with the boys from school I flip on my speaker and I listen to my beloved playlists while I cook dinner and then for a few hours after. I'm so much more relaxed and present at night because of it and not so surprisingly I've found that my drinking has definitely declined. I used to always have a glass or two of wine every night and now I rarely get though one. I feel like when I'm listening to music versus watching TV I am so much more active and I don't do things as night so mindlessly, like drinking. Playing music at night has made such a positive shift in my life and the unexpected bonus is that it's made me fall in love with my house again. Being in my own space after the boys have gone to bed while listening to my favorite soundtracks has reminded me how nice it is to be at home, and has allowed me to really appreciate the space that I have created for myself even more. 

Because I am a creature of habit, I listen to the same four soundtracks over and over (and over and over and over). I never seem to tire of them and even though I've recently heard every single song about 100 times, they don't get old. As a funny aside, my boys have also grown accustomed to the soundtracks in the background and I find them singing songs in french. songs from the 60's, classics, you name it- if it's on one of my playlists than it's now ingrained in their subconscious. So, what are the soundtracks I keep coming back to? Interestingly enough, they are the ones that come from my favorite movies or TV shows. I wasn't quite sure were to start when I signed up for Spotify, so I just searched for my favorite TV shows and it turns out if you like the show, you are going to love the soundtrack. 

Below you find links to my favorite Spotify playlists. Mark my words, the following can be addicting but only in the best and most positive way!

Nancy Meyers Movie Goodness

This soundtrack is seriously the soundtrack to my life. If you like Nancy Meyers, France, or music in its best form, this one is for you. I listen to this soundtrack in its entirety about three times a day and honestly, I just wish there were more hours so I could play it one more time. Try this one out with a bath, a candle, and a glass of wine. You will instantly feel like you are transported to one of Meyer's movies which is pretty much where we all want to live anyway. 

Almost Famous

This was a recent find and is so so good. Lots of classic rock and a few eclectic hits, this one is great to cook to and is perfect to play when you have friends over or at an outside event like a BBQ or pool party. I always start the playlist at song two and I'm pretty sure you will agree when you see why!

Big Little Lies

I'm not even sure how to put into words how much I love this soundtrack. It has introduced me to so many incredible artists like Leon Bridges, Charles Bradley and Dawn Penn, to name a few. This soundtrack is what convinced me that Reece Witherspoon should just take over the entire world. It's hip, it's relevant, it's dramatic... basically all the synonyms you could use when discussing the show that its from. If you found yourself wishing you knew every song that Reece's character was listening to when she was filming in the car, this soundtrack has all the answers. 

Parenthood Soundtrack

Similar to Almost Famous, the Parenthood soundtrack is chalked full of classic rock but it also has some indie goodies and it's just pleasant to listen to. I've recently started the series from the beginning (another attempt to ignore the doom and gloom that was 2017) so I get overly excited when a song comes on that I know from the soundtrack. 

I'd love to know, do you have any favorite playlists? If you are feeling bit burnt at the end of each day, I cannot recommend music enough. It turns out, it's not just for your commute after all! Xx

Top image from my South End project by Sabrina Cole Quinn. if there is ever a home that instantly transports you to Paris, this is it ! (Nancy Meyers soundtrack optional).

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