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My Back Bay Project: The Girls' Room

My Back Bay Project: The Girls' Room


I know I've probably said it before, but if I were hard pressed to choose a favorite room that I've ever designed, this room that I created for my best friend's daughters would have to be it. I'm not sure if it's because this is where my Goddaughter sleeps every night, or if it's just because as a mom of two boys I've always dreamt of designing a perfectly pink bedroom, or if it's just that it turned out to be a really, really beautiful room. Whatever the reason, I love this feminine room so very much and I hope the little girls who inhabit it will always remember that they grew up in this beautiful space that I had a hand in creating. 

Before // After

Prior to my getting involved, this room had somewhat of a storied history. When my friend bought her home this room began as a single bedroom, similar in size to the room room that you see in the "after" pics. When she had a second child she had a faux wall constructed in the center which allowed for her to keep a guest room and a nursery at the same time. Eventually, as more kids were added to the mix the guest portion of the room was converted to a nursery and it remained that way until my best friend’s fourth child (my God-daughter) was ready to transition to a bed from a crib. This is where I came in. 


girlsroom (4).jpg

headboards // rug // chandelier // heart embroidery // poufs

As you can see, the opening of the wall here really changed this entire space. It allowed so much light to fill the entire room by exposing that beautiful bay window. It also allowed for two twin beds, making this space feel like the shared bedroom that it always meant to be. When conceptualizing this design my desire was to create a sweet and layered room for these two little girls, but also a space that would also grow with them as they became teens. I knew that I wanted this room to be girly, mostly because I had always wanted to create an over-the-top feminine space, but I also wanted to give the room a bohemian edge so it wouldn’t feel saccharine as the girls aged-  something that I think is really important when designing any space for a child.

girlsroom (1).jpg

nightstand // duvet // balerina pillow // hardware 

My first decision in this room was chosing the paint, wallpaper, headboards and drapery and for this room scheme I actually made all these decisions at the same time. Before I began this project I knew that if I was going to be using so many different elements in the same hue, it was going to be crucial that one piece really flowed into the other so it didn't look boring or one note.  After requesting my fair share of samples, I decided that I was going to let that beautiful blush wallpaper be the star, and after I made that decision I made sure all the other pieces really complimented the paper in tone and in scale. 

The  paint was chosen to highlight the wallpaper, and the drapery fabric was then chosen to accent the wallpaper. The duvet and sheeting were picked to complement the paint and the accessories brought in a little more color and pattern play. I decided to use the same fabric on the windows that I did on the drapery and accent pillows in the hope that the eye would really be drawn to the paper on the ceiling when entering the room. I kept things neutral with the rug, and opted for a pattern that would play up the gold hue that was in the wallpaper, but one that would tone down the blush that swathed the rest of the room..

I really wanted to personalize this bedroom for the two little girls so I styled the shelves with all of their personal mementos. I had been on the fence about what to do with the artwork on that back wall, but when I saw a photograph that my best friend took of a sunrise near their home in Cape Cod, I knew it had to be in this room. I loved the idea of bringing in a piece of their mother so I had the photograph printed on metal and hung it on the main wall in the girls’ room. To tie in the print I chose a table lamp in a pale blue, drawing from the colors in the photograph, and I also framed a beautiful embroidery piece from the talented Jane Denton to tie it all together. The little balerina pillows were chosen to add a little whimsy to the room and the pink poufs were already owned by the family and were re-purposed here to add yet another texture.  

girlsroom (3).jpg

paint: Ben Moore Warm Blush lightened 25% // wallpaper // drapery + pillow fabric

The end result is a room that is inviting, soft, textured and basically the room of every little girl’s dream... mine included! Creating this space for the two little ladies that I love most in this world was such an incredible honor for me and I can't tell you how much joy it brings me to know that they love this room just as much as I do. I was a little hesitant about doing an entire room in pink, but this space just goes to show it's just as much about the tone of a color as it is the color itself. Had this been in Barbie pink, it would have been no where near as elegant, but in blush it's the perfect space for two little perfect girls to grow up in and it's one that will always steal my heart.  Xx


Images via Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography

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