Inside The World Of Kelly Wearstler

Those of you who have been reading my blog since its inception (which was somehow a decade ago!?!) know that I never set out to be a designer. When I launched my business I had no idea what this life would look like for me, but I knew I had found a hobby that I loved and I was curious to see where it could go. Now, three years later I'm starting to realize that I've reached the point in my career where I need to have a think about what I want my business to look like. I believe that I've finally reached the point in my career where I realize that if I want to grow, I need to really grow.

This would mean taking on things like employees, office space, multiple projects... the kind of lifestyle choices that I thought I left behind when I left my job as a lawyer. It's a lot of work and a lot of the creative joy that I get from design would ultimately be lost to the minutia of running a business. Right now I really enjoy taking on one or two projects at a time and maybe for now that is enough. 

Coming to this conclusion took me a lot of time, and it also gave me even more respect for those designers who take the leap from creative to businessperson. It's a hard decision when you are talking about investing in yourself and it's not one that comes easy, no matter what type of lifestyle you lead. I look at local designers and I am so impressed with what many of them have accomplished, and then, of course, there are the celebrity designers who have taken their love of design and turned it not only into businesses but full fledged corporations. Talk about impressive. 

When I think of celebrity designers and design empires, there is one woman whose career I respect so deeply and that's the one and only Kelly Wearstler. I'm sure I've mentioned it about a dozen times here before, but there is no big name designer that I'm a greater fan of then the one and only Kelly Wearstler. I don't want to sound like a fan girl here, but lets just say it, I'm a huge freaking fan girl. Her style, her products, her unique aesthetic, her ability to remain true and consistent after decades in the industry are all things I look up to. Even though I don't always fully understand some of her design choices, I'm always inspired by them, and even more-so I'm so inspired by the lifestyle and  business that she has created. From stores, to product lines, hotels, the celebrity clients... you name it, she can do it and she somehow always manages to do it with her own unique sense of style intact. 

This is why I was SO EXCITED when I saw that she was the guest editor of the March/ April Vogue Living.. An entire magazine seen through the eyes of KW herself? I'm sorry, did Christmas get moved to March this year because man, it sure feels like it. I was already giddy about getting my hands on a cope of the mag, which you can order here, but then I saw that he house is also featured in the magazine and it's not just in print, it's also featured online. For my other KW fangirls out there, this is about as good as it can get. 

I want to lie to you and tell you that I haven't read the piece about a dozen times, but we are all friends so I'll just say that I've read it a lot. Like, a lot lot. I've seen a few images of her home before, but I've never heard much of the backstory of the estate itself and seeing it all together like this really makes me appreciate just how unique of a property it really is. As I mentioned, I don't always love all of Wearstler's designs (which speaks to my lack of taste more than it does her talent) but this house, inside and out, seriously makes my heart skip a beat.

KW's home is glamorous, it's elegant, it's comfortable, it stays true to the bones of the original house, and it is so very "Kelly Wearstler." Her business is selling a lifestyle and after seeing this house, I'm buying. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite room but let's just say if I lived here I'd probably never leave that pool! Below you will find some of my favorite images from her home and you can read the piece in its entirety here. It's always such a treat to see behind the doors of those you admire, and for me this peek did not disappoint. Xx