My New Favorite Piece of Clothing (Inspired By My Six Year Old!)

My six year old has an incredible eye for fashion. I know it sounds crazy to say that, and honestly, I kind of fought it for a while, but I've recently accepted that this may just be his "thing" in the same way that board sports are my older son's passion. When I say that I've accepted, it what I really mean is that I've embraced it whole heartedly. I mean, the kid is in Kindergarten and all he asked for at Christmas was t-shirts, tracksuits and anything with a dollar signs on it. (As for the latter I somehowI made his dreams come true). Each day, whether it's his ties for school, or his outfit for after school (which he carries in his backpack so he can change in the car) he spends about twenty minutes meticulously picking them out. He is obsessed with urban culture, hip hop, and all things street style, and after questioning his commitment for a few years, I'm now convinced that this may just be his calling. There are certainly worst things a kid can be obsessed with! 

Now that I've embraced his love of fashion, I've found that I've also started to copy it. What can I say, the boy looks good!!!! Now, I don't see myself turning into a "baller" anytime soon, but there are quite a few things that he wears like vans, track pants, beanies and when I wear him the way he does, I feel a little like Gwen Stefani. Through osmosis he's added a little edge to my wardrobe and there really is no piece that I love (and wear) more than my Adidas track pants which I was inspired to buy after seeing how cool he looked in the ones I got him for Christmas.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out my drawers and I finally decided that I should toss a few of my many sweatpants that had holes. You know, the ones that are too embarrassing for pickup/ drop off. I ordered myself a pair of black Adidas track pants and I have yet to take them off. No really, I've worn them every day since. What can I say, they look as good with a blazer and a silk blouse as they do with a sweatshirt and they make pretty much everything look like an outfit, versus something you just rolled out of bed wearing. The bonus is, of course, that they are as comfortable as sweatpants because that's essential what they are. If you are looking for a way to spice up your own causal wardrobe, I cannot recommend them enough. 

Below you will find some inspiration images for how to wear the track pants in a high fashion way and of course, they pair perfectly with my #BOSSLADIES sweatshirts. I've also linked to a few of my favorites pairs below. I've got my eye on those light blue ones but I have to make sure my son won't want them as well. I'm pretty sure that part of his "look" does not include twinning with his mom! Xx

get the look.jpg