Date Night

The other night my best friend took me out on a date and it was without question one of the most magical evenings of my life. From beginning to end the night was absolutely perfect, and given that Valentine's Day is right around the corner I thought I'd share in case you wanted to surprise that special someone in your life, and no, I'm not just talking about your romantic partner.

About a month ago, my BFF told me that she was taking me out. She didn't give any specifics but told me that I was to wear my fanciest dress. The only thing that knew about the night is that the theme of the evening was "A Night In Paris," and that I should meet her at her house downtown at 6:30pm. I can't even begin to tell you how I excited I was about this date in the weeks and days leading up to the big event. It's a very rare occasion that I get really dressed up, and even rarer to have someone else plan the evening. My husband and I aren't big "date night" people in that we both really just like being home, and while I have nights out with girls, they are definitely less formal than this evening promised to be. 

I met my friend as instructed, and the entire ride over I had butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited to see her and to see where we were going, it seriously felt like I was going to prom! She met me downstairs as promised and then together we took a leisurely walk to dinner under the lights of the Commonwealth Mall. It's an area that I drive though almost daily, but walking arm and arm thought it, with my best friend while so dressed up, the street took on a entirely new feel and I was instantly transported to Paris, imagining that we were under the lights of the Eiffel Tower. 

After our stroll, my best friend took me to this little hidden gem she found La Voile, and I'm pretty sure I have never been to a place more Parasian, including the times I've been to France. The restaurant itself was so adorable, and it turns out that it's actually from Cannes and the owners brought over the entire restaurant in it's entirety by sailboat! We spent the evening drinking champagne, eating smelly cheese and mussels and just enjoying being with each other. True to form we both started yawning around 9:30 and we called a car to transport us the few blocks back from Paris to Boston.

The entire evening was so special and I will never forget that it was planned by my bff. So often romance is reserved for our sexual partners and this was such a great reminder that you can have just as much love and romance with someone who you adore on a platonic level. I grew up my entire life thinking that my greatest love would be my husband, and it really has been the most incredible surprise to find that the women that I'm so lucky to be surrounded by may, in fact, be my actual soul mates. At 38 I'm so incredibly blessed to have a man that I love so intensely and women who absolutely complete me. My best friend and I always joke that we are going to die together, given the statistics on women outliving men, and this evening was such a great reminder that we also can really live together as well. 

To my Maria, I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful and memorable evening. I don't know how I got so lucky to have you in my life but whatever it was, this is one hell of a prize! Xx

top image via The Cut