Surviving Winter: The Teddy Bear Coat

I’ve been in Boston for almost fifteen years and for those last fifteen years I’ve been searching for the perfect coat for everyday use. I’ve wanted something that’s not a dress coat or a parka, and something that isn’t super fashionable or trendy. Rather I’ve been looking for something that will keep me warm throughout my multiple school runs, a coat that I can bundle up in during my kids’ weekend games, and something that I can keep on in a restaurant because if you live in Boston chances are you are always freezing from October- May.

Enter the teddy bear coat.

A few weeks ago an email popped up from one of my favorite brands Emerson Fry, and it was for her new teddy bear car coat. I immediately pulled over and placed my order as this was the exact type of coat that I have been searching for over the last fifteen years. The coat arrived a few days later and over the past few weeks I haven’t taken it off. I wear it over my (ahem) pj’s to school drop off, over real clothes the rest of my day, and then most of the night whether I’m staying in or going out. It’s truly that versatile.

The thing about a teddy bear coat is that it’s exactly what it claims to be. It’s like a giant (warm) teddy bear that is basically giving you a hug all day. The coat I have is very flexible so it’s almost like you are wearing a robe, but a robe that everyone you ever meet will comment on and tell you how adorable your coat is and how warm you look. (true story) I swear this coat is the one thing that has been missing from my life here in Boston and now that I’ve found it I’m not sure we can ever move. The coat I purchased (shown above) is sadly out of stock but I was able to find it on this site which is kind of amazing.

Below I’ve featured some fabulous ladies who clearly got the memo on the teddy bear coat (don’t they all look so warm?) and below I’ve linked to some of my favorites that are available for the season. I’ve never felt like I could pull off a fur (or faux fur) coat but it turns out that I’ve just been waiting for the right kind of fur… one that belongs to a stuffed animal! Xx

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