The Best Of: Snowboots

Another day, another potential snow storm heading our way. Last week, I basically gave up and came to the realization that for the next few months the only type of footwear that I'm going to be wearing is my snow boots. You would think that living in New England for over 15 years I would have already realized this, but as we all know some winters are worse than others and there isn't anything that can handle ones like the present better than a waterproof snow boot. I used to prefer boots that went to the knee, but just like with wellies they can be annoyingly hot when you find yourself indoors. These days I prefer the ankle length version and seem to be drawn to those that have some shearling involved. Warm and dry feet? Trust me, they are not overrated. 

Below you will find a few of my favorite snow boots that are currently available (those Chloe ones bring a tear to my eye). Winter isn't just coming... it's here, fashion be damned! Xx

get the look.jpg