Fall Vibes

Even though I consider myself to be a summer chaser, I have to admit that this year I am very excited about the upcoming fall season. Typically, I dread the cooler weather but this year is different because we have Paris coming up at the end of October. Six years ago, I did a similar trip with my husband and I distinctly remember how much it influenced my style at the time, and this year it's exactly the same. I find myself continually saying, "but this would be amazing for Paris" when justifying purchases and it's really helped me to edit down my A-team wardrobe pieces (you know the ones you wear 10000000 times a year) and make sure that they are great for my trip, but more importantly that they will be something that I continue to reach for, long after we have come back home. This season I'm loving ladylike blouses, velvet accessories (especially on bags), accessories with bold details, oversized jackets, mules, and pants that are slim, but not skinny. I've been embracing color more than ever and right now I'm loving olive and mustard and even burnt orange. I have to say, in my sea of mostly black clothes these pieces have really become the star!

For me fashion and interiors are so closely related and I'm really seeing how my wardrobe choices are influencing my design decisions. I keep joking with my friend Meg that I am in my French Minimalist stage, but it's kind of true. I see it in my home and the homes that I'm currently designing and I really think this shift is going to lead to some of my best work yet! I've really focused on simplifying my designs and I'm giving more thought to what the statement pieces should be in each room. That means I'm spending a lot more time sourcing artwork and lighting and then creating spaces that let those things be the star of the room. I'm loving glamour more than ever and I cannot get enough black accessories. They adds so much drama to any room, and instantly elevate a space! As far as furniture goes I'm loving anything with a bit of an architectural flair and velvet is again hot on my list. So is tufting. I do most of my creative work in the fall and winter (spring is reserved for install) and I'm so excited to see how some of the decisions that I'm making now are going to turn out! As you can see I'm so inspired by french design aesthetics and clearly that is no concidence!

Below, you can see a little of what's going through my head as we approach the new season. Tomorrow, I'm going to post my big fall clothing edit and next week it will be pieces for the home. Maybe it's because I'm growing up, or that I have kids that are growing up, but I think my style is elevating and this fall I can't wait to explore that more. You know I'm going to be super inspired after our trip to France and it will be fun to see if I'm able to hold onto that feeling during the colder months! Xx

Fall Style Inspiration 

Fall Home Inspiration 

Top photo by Jaimie Baird Photography. All others via Pinterest