Best Of: Summer


Right now it seems like it's never going to end and yet it's already August (O.M.G.!!!) For us, summer can be summed up in two words: fast and furious. I know it's been a while since I last posted but what can I say, things have been busy. The week before last I had family in town and for good reason, the time had finally come for my little sister's baby shower which I was lucky enough to host in our home. After that I made a quick trip to the Cape for my BFF's birthday and then I was home for a quick night of recovery (all the water). The next day my husband and I were off in search of our boys and we headed down to Maryland for our annual Anderson Family Beach Weekend. Last night, we finally arrived home for a blissful night of sleep in our own beds. The fun starts again tomorrow when we head to the cape and then on Monday,  our annual pilgrimage to California will commence (Legoland!) 

If this sounds exhausting, believe me.... it is. I can't complain because we are having so much fun but man, I can't wait for this Costa house to be built so we can stay in one place all. summer. long.

But summer. Crazed or not, summer is summer. Truly, the best time of the year (when you live in New England, the BEST time of the year). Aside from the weather (which actually hasn't been that nice) I deeply love all the things that summer brings. The one time of the year when you can throw on a pair of denim shorts, a linen shirt, sandals and a swipe of lip gloss and wonder, am I overdressed? Summer is my season and below you can find a few of my favorites from the last few months. After this week I'm going to try to get on a regular posting schedule for the blog, but at this point I can't make any promises. Summer has a history of taking hold of me and that might just be my favorite thing about this time of year Xx



When we were in New York, my sister and I popped by the Glossier showroom (there was actually a line to get in) and finally got to test some products that I had been curious about. Hands down the cloud paint and the balm dot com were the greatest of the offerings, and I bought both and have been using them on repeat every since. The cloud paint is a liquid blush that at first leaves a TON of color on your cheeks, but is then absorbed leaving behind that perfect summer glow. Balm dot com was another amazing product, perfect for summer, in that it's a lip gloss / chap stick combo that isn't sticky and is ultra moisturizing. Think of it as aquaphor that has a slight tint and a awesome smell. I highly recommend both! 


Have you guys seen The Defiant Ones on HBO? I'm not kidding when I say it's the best show I've ever seen. The show consists of a four part documentary following the careers of Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Not only is it incredibly interesting, the music is insane and the message is really inspiring : if you want to be successful in life, you have to ignore the noise. It's corny but this show has really changed the way I look at almost all aspects of my life!

For the family, I cannot recommend the movie Given enough. It's available on Netflix and is a documentary following the Goodwin family's year of travel that began a few months after their second child's birth. As inspiring as The Defiant Ones, this one will make you want to step out of your comfort zone with you kids and really see the world. My boys both loved this one, and it's perfect for those summer family nights in (something I need sooooo much more of!)


The "it" show of the spring has given us the soundtrack of the summer. The Big Little Lies soundtrack this is pretty much all I listen to (the spotify channel is also insane) and I never tire of it. Perfect for BBQ's, clam bakes, and long walks on the beach, this  is one you will want to listen to over and over (and over and over). Warning, song number three is pretty profane for the kiddos but oh so good. 


I've mentioned this linen shirt before, but since I now own it in five colors I had to bring it up again because it's so good! (And under $30 with Gap's ongoing promo codes)! I truly wear this shirt every day, simply tying it in a knot in the front. This is one that just gets better with wear and is definitely something you will reach for again and again.  

For years I have searched for a bathing suit that you can be active in and one that I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear in front of other families (admittedly my Costa suits are very skimpy). This classic silhouette holds everything in (and provides coverage) and is still so cute. Of all my suits this has become the one I wear the most and I'm so happy J.Crew brought it back. (Go Jenna!)

I get asked a lot about my denim shorts and people are always surprised when they find out that they are from American Eagle. I've been wearing inexpensive denim shorts from the brand for over a decade and I have never looked back. After about a dozen washes these shorts begin to look "vintage" and I often get stopped on the street by people asking where they are from. I order a size up (because I'm not 12 years old) as these run pretty short. If you are looking for something a little longer, try these, and again order a size up for that "boyfriend" look. 

A definite essential for summer is a leather sandal, but I've found it challenging to find a pair that is comfortable and stylish. I absolutely love the brand BEEK and have been wearing their leather sandals since the company's inception. I prefer the ones that go around your big toe, versus the thong that goes in-between, and the built in arch support on these make them the most comfortable shoe on the planet. They are made to last and after three or four summers, mine are still going strong. My favorite pair can be found here in nude and black


Are your summer whites looking a little yellow? This year I discovered this amazing product and ever since I have been using on all my whites (including my sheets and towels!) Just a drop in the washer makes your whites bright again and I really can't believe how well this product actually works. My white jeans were looking rough and this has given them new life! 

Finally, linen. My preferred fabric of summer, these days I live in linen shirts, with linen pants and sleep on linen sheets. It's cool, it's comfortable and it's the one thing that you can't really wear in the cooler months. The downside? It's such a pain to iron. The answer is this mini steamer. I simply hang the item I want to wear on my towel bar and two minutes later it's wrinkle free. I like this mini one because it heats up in seconds and it perfectly sized to pack in your suitcase!