Furniture Trend I'm Loving: Two Tone

This fall I'm planning on giving our living room a little refresh. This time when I say little, I really mean it. All of our resources (mental and financial) are being used to build the Costa house and right now that is definitely my focus. However, I can't ignore the fact that we spend most of our time in our Boston condo and of that time about 90% of that is spent in our living room. This means things get worn there much quicker than any other room in the house, and lately that's pretty obvious the second you walk in. Our once fluffy Moroccan style rug (which covers the entire room) has gone flat and not only that there are things sort of stuck in it and honestly, I'm not really sure what they all are. You can tell it's been a rug that has been loved and sadly, it's time for it to go. 

Lately, I've been using rugs solely from the company Armadillo in a number of my projects and after I saw the one I picked for my best friends master bedroom, I knew I needed it for my own living room as well. The craftsmanship is of a much higher quality than my existing West Elm one is and I love that it will look pretty much the same when installed, which means I have to change little else. I did mention this would be a little referesh, right? 


I know that I could stop with the new rug and just call it a day, but since the rug is so new I figured I might as well switch out the last piece of furniture that I'm kind of over, and that is the brass side table that I purchased from Target a few years ago. That table was one of the first things that I bought for our living room and what can I say, it's lived a good life. The entire house has basically changed around that table and the truth is it just doesn't really go with the room any more, and in person I think it kind of cheapens the entire space. 

The question then is, what side table do I get. I have to say up front, this was a VERY fun piece of furniture for me to source. It has been a long time since I have really gotten anything new for the house and since then I have designed entire homes! Seeing everyone's space come together so beautifully really makes ache for that same feeling and when I get the chance to get something new for myself... well, let's just say I took this task very seriously. 

At first I thought I wanted something super high end (a statement!) but then I remembered we are building a Costa house and I quickly came back to earth. I decided to search for something that was better than Target but less than say The Line (this one was my frontrunner) which left me with my usual big box stores. I looked at pretty much every side table on the market and it was when I saw the one below from West Elm that I knew I had found my table. 


I love how unique this table is and think it absolutely looks much more high end than the price (this is WE???) but most of all what I love is that it is two tone! I was having such a hard time figuring out what type of finish our table should have (we have a lot of wood in our home) but I didn't want anything that was too modern. This table provides the perfect mix of both! Warm and cold, hard and soft... I think it's going to look awesome when it arrives! After I made my choice I realized that this was not the first two tone object that I was coveting. In my sister's nursery I used not one, but two two tone pieces (a lamp and a side table!) the issue was the same in her space, there was a lot of wood but I wanted the room to still feel light and warm. The two tone was the answer there and both pieces give the exact feel that I was looking for. 

Sure, lots of things can be considered two tone (basically wood and any other material on same piece of furniture) but the two tone trend that I'm currently loving is the one where the materials are mixed together in an unexpected way. Where one ends where the other starts and they look as though they are almost the same material. To get an idea of what I'm talking about, I've linked to a few items that I'm loving which incorporate this trend. I'm sure there are a ton more out there but right now it's the ones with white and wood or black and wood that are catching my eye. Xx

get the look.jpg