Hunt Slonem's Bunny Print Fabric + Wallpaper

My little sister's baby girl is due one month from today (whhhhhhaaaatttt?!?!) and last week we finally finished up the nursery. Well, almost finished. I still have to style and shoot the space at the end of the month, but as far as baby is concerned we are ready for her arrival.

The nursery itself was based on some of the custom bedding pieces that I had purchased for Gray's nursery, handed down, mixed with some blush and soft pink accents to make the navy pattern feel more feminine. The end result is such a perfect reflection of my sister, and I couldn't be happier with how it's all coming together. Now, baby just has to stay put until I'm back from California and then it's goooooooooooooo time!!

The room where the nursery will be housed is pretty small, so I really wanted to keep things simple. Most of the pattern is coming from the bedding so there is only one real statement in the space. This means the other side of the room is a little bland and since I don't have a ton of room for artwork, so I've been racking my brain trying to figure out how to tie the the entire room together. A few days ago I was thinking about one of the best nurseries that I have ever seen, the one pictured below done by a Piece of Toast, and the answer was clear; BUNNIES!

Specifically, Hunt Slonem's bunnies. 

bunny three.jpg

After seeing this incredible nursery, don't you think that the answer to all of life's design questions can be solved with Slonem's bunnies????

The perfect mix of modern and eclectic, I have been obsessed with these bunnies as a wallpaper or as a fabric, ever since they were released by Lee Jofa. With my sister's nursery, if money were no object I would absolutely have roman shades made out of the fabric, but since we are on a tighter budget, (this fabric and wallpaper is $$$$) I think a pillow in navy will give the room the same effect, for a fraction of the cost. I ordered one this morning and I plan on placing it in the rocker. It's going to be the perfect final touch for an already adorable room and I can't wait until I get to see my little niece sleeping in the room I created for her. 

For those of you who want a little Hunt Slonem in your own home, I found a few companies on etsy that can make custom pillows or drapery which I featured below. I also found this shop that offers the wallpaper at a deep discount but I've never used them so I can't attest to the authenticity. I'm temped to buy a roll to cut up and use it as artwork in all the kid's rooms that I design in the future. Wouldn't that be the best calling card ever???? Xx