Back To Life, Back To Reality

Just like that, five weeks have come and gone. I wish I could say we are ready to go, but tomorrow we will all be boarding that plane with the heaviest of hearts. This country has become our home and right now we are trying to ignore the fact that we won't be back until December. The only silver lining is that it is still summer and luckily more adventure awaits. Like in years passed, Sunday I am taking Liam down to Pennsylvania for skateboard camp and then I get to spend a kid-free week in New York with my very pregnant sister (our very own babymoon!). After five weeks of togetherness it will be a nice break from the kids, but I will definitely miss this time we've had together. There are days when the only people we interact with are each other and it's kind of nice. We are a tight little unit of four and it's going to be quite a change when we get back and everyone goes their different ways! 

But, we still have today and we are most definitely going to make the most of it. Since I'll be traveling, and then soaking up the city, I'll be off the blog until the 24th. Of course, I'll be on Instagram and on Stories (am I the only one who is obsessed with Instagram Stories!?!?) so if you'd like, you can see what I'm up to there. 

I wish you all a happy week. Pura Vida! xx