The Costa House Interiors: The Boys' Bathroom

Of all the rooms in the Costa house, it was the boys' bathroom that required the most discussion. When we received the first draft of the house from our architects, the first thing I noticed was that the boys' bathroom was going to be very small. If this bathroom were just for them (or even the 8 kids that could possibly fill the bunk room) it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. The issue was that this bathroom is the only bathroom on the second floor, other than the master, which means that this bathroom is going to be shared by however many kids are in the bunk room and the adult guests that are also on the second floor. That's a lot of potential people in one bathroom!

The thought behind this was that the guests on the second floor would most likely be the parents or grandparents of the kids that are staying in the bunk room. Guests who were aren't quite as cozy with can stay on the first floor (with it's own bath nearby) so it shouldn't be a big deal for everyone to share a bathroom. What would be a big deal would be to have guests and all the kids share a bathroom that was too small, which is what we were initially dealing with. 

In my naivet√© I thought was that we could just increase the size of the bathroom but apparently it wasn't that easy. This bathroom is the right corner of the house and if we were to increase that, then we were going to have to increase the entire square footage of the home. I forget the exact amount but I think it was something like $50,000. After passing this one to the architects and my dad, they were somehow able to reconfigure the entire second floor and the too small bathroom actually became one that is almost too big. The best part was, the way our architect laid it out, it is now the PERFECT bathroom for a number of people to share. 

As you can see from the plans, each area of the bathroom has its own door. That means someone could be going to the bathroom, while two people are washing their hands, while another is showering, all with complete privacy. Not only that, the shower is so large that I'm actually able to put two shower heads in it, which means that when we wash the kids we no longer have to hear screams about who's hogging the water. Amen to that. 

Once we had the design down, my only job was to think about how to make this bathroom come alive. Like with the rest of the house, we are doing gray polished concrete floors in here and also gray polished concrete countertops. I'm doing a teak floating vanity and the sinks are going to be white or concrete vessel sinks. As I mentioned before, the hardware is going to be matte black. While this all sounds great, together it could be pretty boring. That's where my beloved tile is going to come in!

I'm going to run patterned tile throughout the entire shower area, from floor to ceiling, and also in the area where the toilet is. On the big wall near the shower I am going to use my favorite hooks that I used in the boys' bathroom in Cambridge, and hang a few turkish towels to add some color in texture. For the entry of the bathroom I'm going to hang a poster from one of my favorite photographers, Hugh Hollland. I think it's going to be a fun space which is great because I'm pretty sure this bathroom is going to get a ton of use!

Besides the fact that it's going to look great, I love how practical this bathroom is going to be for us. As the boys grow I think it's going to be a space that really grows with them (the privacy) and the tile and finishes are going to be so easy to clean. Given that there could potentially be eight teenagers in here (and their parents!) that is going to be a very, very good thing! Xx