Loeffler Randall Summer Sale

Over the years, Loeffler Randall has become my go-to when purchasing new shoes. They are stylish, they have impeccable craftsmanship and the price point is very reasonable when you consider the quality. This is even more the case when they are having their annual summer sale where many of their most popular styles are marked down 50%. I'm not a person who has a ton of shoes, but I do pride myself on having the "right" shoe for each occasion. I tend to purchase most of my footwear during this sale and I wanted to pass it on to you all in case you too were in the market for some new shoes. Below you can see a few of my favorites, and you can view the sale in its entirety here.  

P.S. While creating this post I took a peek at Loeffler Randall's new collection and I have fallen head over heels in love with these shoes. They are quite possibly the most impractical shoes for someone who lives in New England (so I won't be getting them) but I just had to profess my deep, undying LOVE for them. xx