The Costa House Interiors: The Bunk Room

As we are nearing construction, things are really ramping up for the Costa House. We have signed off on the plans and now it's time for my favorite part, nailing down the interior. For me, this is the easiest part in the entire process because for this part I know exactly what I want (and have for about two years now). My only job now it to make sure that what I want gets translated to everyone around me. To this end I'm sitting down with our architect on Friday to nail down the interiors (cabinets, built-ins, beds, etc) and you know I'm going to go in with alllllllllll the pictures. 

Luckily, the design of the home is pretty simple, as are the built-ins and cabinets that we are adding. This means most of the "design" is going to come from the accessories. As I've mentioned before, most of our furniture is coming from Indonesia, and it's going to be pretty basic as well (loots of wood and wovens) so it's really important for the bedding and accouterments to stand on their own. I say I know exactly what the room is going to look like, and that's because I've already purchased everything that is going in each room. Everything.

Because I am a bit psycho (and / or smart) I've already bought all the bedding, artwork, throw pillows and I have been storing some of them in our home for almost two years now. The reason I started doing this is that I felt like the best thing we had going for us with this build was time, and by taking my time acquiring things, it allowed me to really come up with a design for each room I was able to purchase all of the items when they were on sale (most right after Christmas). And when I say all of them, I mean ALL of them. At this point, all that's missing in the house itself!

Some people don't like to purchase things in advance because it makes them feel boxed in. I am pretty much the exact opposite. I LOVE knowing what's going in each room and it some cases I've actually designed the room around some of these pieces. I am pretty good about only buying things that I love and because nothing is "trendy" I am very confident that I will not tire of it by the time the house is built. Knowing what everything is going to look like, down to the smallest detail, allows me to really "see" the house in my mind and I'm not going to lie, I walk through each room in my house in my head a few times a day. So much so that by now it actually feels real, even though it's still on paper! 

Now that our plans were finalized, I thought it would be fun to share a visual, room by room, of what I'm planning to do. We are no longer in the dreaming stages and everything that is happening now is really happening. The boards that I'm sharing are actually the final ones that I will be using as a guide for everyone involved, in the hopes that what's in my head can actually become what's in everyone else's head.

boy's bunk.jpg

sheets | throw pillows | duvet cover | sconce (sold out. similar) | tile

So, first the bunk room. This room has been a source of many conversations (do we really need eight beds in there?) but I've stood firm. Most of our friends have a ton of kids and I really want to think about the future as well. I want this house to be the house the boys visit with their teammates and families, and I don't think we are ever going to wish we had less beds, only more. You never know what the future holds and I'd hate to have designed a room that won't fit our growing family. So it's going to have eight beds.

As you can see above on the floor plan, the room is going to have four beds on one side and four on the opposite. The room itself is going to be a white matte plaster, with teak shutters. On the floor I've decided to put my beloved tile, which I thought was only going to go on the risers of the bunks, but now I think will be so much more fun on the floor since there won't be that much of it. (The beds are going to eat up most of floorspace the room). I've decided to the beds in teak and I'm using this image to the top left as my guide.

At first I wanted big steps in-between each bed (hence the tiled risers), but now I'm loving the simple ladder. Otherwise I think it would just be too much wood. I'm going to put drawers in underneath the four bottom bunks and use the square footage that was allocated to the steps to build in some little shelves on the inside of each bed, like this. If I don't do this, there won't be be anywhere for the kids to put their belongings in the room (other than on the small desk which is going under the window) and if there is one thing I know about kids, it's that they love their belongings. 

As you can see I stuck with my sea of blues (which is going to be a common theme throughout the house) and I think it's just going to be a really fun room. I'm going to fold the duvets on the end of the bed like in the image above (has anyone actually tried to make a bunk bed, let alone eight?) and I think it's going to be a room that will really grow with the boys. All of the accessories are incredibly inexpensive, mostly Target and Ikea and given that I needed to buy eight of everything, this was a real cost saver. The lighting and pillows I got deeply discounted from Serena and Lily and I really love how everything is going to look together. Given that the rest of the room is so simple (all wood and white) I think there is going to be a surprising amount of personality! 

Out of all the rooms, this one will be the most "done" as the rest are going to be more simple. I figured I'd start with the one that is the most fun, but don't worry, I'll still be sharing all the others over the next few weeks. We've have only a few more months and then things are going to start moving quickly. I thought I would be nervous when this time came but now I'm just excited. I've been living in this house in my head for so long now, I can't wait to actually step for in it for real! Xx