Magazine Stacks As Decor

We've had our house shot a few times now, and one of the first things that I do before a photographer shows up is hide the stacks (and stacks and stacks and stacks) of magazines that live in every corner of our home behind the shower curtain. Sure, a few piles always make the cut, but generally magazines can make a home look cluttered and they typically lack the bookish feel that hardbacks provide. Or do they? Lately I've been seeing spaces that incorporate magazines into the decor and I have to say I'm really digging it. It can give a space a casual, relaxed vibe and in some cases can actually be used in lieu of furniture, like a night stand for example. 

I have to say that my change of heart may have something to do with the fact that we are avid magazine collectors. My husband has been collecting surf magazines since the beginning of our relationship and given that he actually re-reads them (often) I never have the heart to get rid of them. I'm not actually a huge magazine reader, short of a few favorites, but I too can't seem to let any of them go. I learned this lesson the hard way given that I actually threw out my old Domino collection over a decade ago during one of our moves (yes, even the one with Jenna on the cover) and I'm not kidding when I say that I would give anything to get it back. In fact, I have told multiple members of my family that if they ever wanted to give me a BIG present for my 40th or 50th it would be the complete original Domino collection. (Can you even imagine?!?!?!)

Since I have made that HUGE and regrettable mistake, I have yet to toss a magazine that wasn't of the weekly variety. This means I have more copies of Porter, AD, Bazaar, Elle Decor and even and entire collection of Cookie hanging around my house (remember Cookie?). Guess what... I'm never getting rid of them. You may ask what I plan to do with all these magazines given that we live in a small condo and the answer may surprise you. I'm actually planning on moving them to Costa. 

Stack by stack I'm going to move them ALL to the costa house and right now the idea is that they will go as checked baggage once we have all of our soft goods down there. This was one of my main motivators for building the extra-large bookcase in the living room and you can bet it's going to be covered with our magazine collections. I'm sure by the time we retire the magazines themselves may have taken over but after seeing these inspiration images, I'm thinking that's a good thing. A very, very, very good thing. 

Here is a little of what can happen when you let the magazines loose. 

So good, right???? I would have never thought that I would want piles and piles of magazines on the floor but I have to say that I'm really feeling it. Unlike a novel, magazines are easy to pick up and anyone can jump right in if they see one they like. When it comes to the boys I'm of the mindset that any reading is good reading and if that means they start making their way through Dad's surf collection (or in my dreams my AD) well, that's all the better. We have a lot of time down there and I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon hiding from the sun! Xx

P.S. if anyone was living in Roslindale or Cambridge circa 2008 and happened to find a big stack of Domino magazines, they are mine! Please tell them I miss them dearly and that I never meant to leave them behind. I can only home they found a home that allowed them to be displayed in the way they were always meant to be!!!! 

Top photo via Samara Vise, all others via Tumblr