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Life In The Jungle

Life In The Jungle


Well, it turns out that it's called the rainy season down here for a reason. In the last ten years we've maybe had one or two days when it rained all day, and as of Saturday we woke up to another rainy day which made for six in a row. Given the warm temperatures of the air and water, the rain doesn't really affect much more than your summer tan, UNTIL it rains so hard that your internet floods, which is difficult enough, but when you then loose power minutes after your internet is back online, that's when you find out what it's really like to live completely off the grid. Note: We've quickly learned we don't want to live completely off the grid. 

... and that was last week. Today we woke up to blue(ish) skies, internet, and power. The trifecta! I will say, as annoying as it was to lose wifi (my husband had some work that needed to be done and I was supposed to be virtually installing my best friend's cape house) it was nice in that it forced us to spend a lot more time together and all of a sudden things like naps and reading became requirements for passing the day. In the span of three days I read two incredible books: The Bright Hour which is a memoir about living and dying that nearly ripped my heart in two, and Sunshine Sisters which was such a sweet story, I was again reminded why I love Jane Green. Last week, my dad and I were also able to meet with our architect and it turns out that suddenly we are full speed ahead with operation Costa House which is what this post is really about. 

Backing up, last week we also got a chance to check out a new hotel that opened a few plots down from where our home is going to be built. When we bought our land we knew that our views were going to be pretty insane, but it was pretty hard to visualize with the overgrowth on our land and I just never realized how far we would be able to see into the jungle. Once we saw the view from a finished (and perfectly manicured) build I pretty much lost my mind. In theory, this view should be very similar to our view and this is actually what it's going to look like in our backyard. Like what!?!?

Just like with my sister's wedding after I finally saw the venue, I have a new mission in designing this house... just don't F%&K it up! We went from seeing that incredible view straight to our architect where she said the words I've been waiting to hear for almost 18 months; it's time to pick my finishes! It turns out that they want to start getting everything ready to bid and it makes sense that we pick everything while I am here so we don't have to do it virtually. This is great for me since I already know pretty much everything I want to do and once I make up my mind, I rarely change it. This means that the cost we get from our builder will be 100% accurate and that there shouldn't be any surprises. This also means it's time to nail things down. Quickly. 

Once of the benefits of last week's rain was that it really gave me time to think about the tile (I know, more about the tile, I'm sorry) and the more I thought about it the more I realized that I really, really, really, really want to do that tiled patio that I talked about in the last post. I realized that this is what is going ultimately make me happy and while I've spent a year trying to drift from my usual blue and white aesthetic, I just can't do it. I want blue and white tile everywhere. Not just on the lower patio, but on the upper ones too. It's what I love and since this is likely our forever home, I don't see why I should stray from that now.

What's been holding me back (and this is really stupid) is that the one tile that I need to tie everything together is the same tile that Emily Henderson recently used on her outside patio. I convinced myself that there is no way I could do the same tile, but yesterday I came to my senses and realized that this is not something I should care about. At all. I have to do what makes me happy in this house and even if it's been "done" 10000000x over, who cares. This is my dream house and as we all know, when I dream I dream in blue and white tile. With that, here are my FINAL selections. 

The lower patios of the main house and the guest house, as well as the backsplash of the bar are all going to be done in this tile. (I'm thinking of doing the front of the outside bar with a wood finish).

I love how this tile will flow nicely from the gray polished concrete on the interior to the exterior and I think it will also look great with the rock finish that will be on the area around the infinity pool. I'm also planning on using this tile on the risers of the stairs which will be visible when you first walk in so the entire first floor will be consistent. 

The first floor houses a bathroom and the guest house does as well. I'm going to do the same tile in each of these and I decided to do something bold to break up all the white and wood. I'm planning on using this tile on the floor of the shower and run it three quarters up the wall (maybe the entire way?) I love the moroccan feel and of course, how blue it is! 

For the boys' bathroom and on the risers of their bunk beds I decided to use my favorite tile of all time. I'm sure you all have seen this one a hundred times before but I love it so much and am also planning to run it from floor to ceiling. I'm pretty sure it's going to be my favorite room in the house! 

And then there is the tile for my master bedroom shower, our upstairs patio and the upper guest room patio. This is the one that has given me such a headache but in in the end I think it's going to be the perfect choice. Here is a shot from Emily Henderson which shows this tile in all its glory. 

Finally, there is the kitchen tile. I'm going to stick with the fish scale but do it in a larger size. I'm still thinking of only going 3/4 up the wall and leaving the edges unfinished. 

Here are all my picks together on one board. I could not love this more!

Since life can't be all about tile (but why????) here are a few other decisions I have made. 

For the kitchen, I've decided to do a plaster hood with a wood trim. I'm using this one from Studio McGee as my guide. 

As for the doors and the fencing on the property, I've decided to stick with wood and I want to give them a modern look with horizontal slats. Ours will be a lighter wood and more rustic, but this gives you an idea of where I'm heading. 

My last decision (so far) was what type of fixtures I want. I've decided to keep everything simple and I'm going to do all the faucets, fans, and handles in a matte black finish. I'm not going to put any hardware on the cabinetry which has turned out to be the right choice since this is something that we are going to have to import. Here is the general vibe i'm going for. 

Whew, are you all still with me? I know there are about a dozen more decisions we need to make but right now I feel like we have a pretty good idea of where this is heading. Luckily, everything I love is pretty simple so there shouldn't be an issue in making it become a reality. I absolutely love all my choices and truly, I couldn't be happier!

I'll be sure to update any new changes and definitely post on what furniture I'm thinking. I also should be back to posting regularly assuming the internet continues to cooperate! Xx

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