The Costa House: Rethinking The Tile + Sofa

Until a few weeks ago, I was pretty committed to getting the Missoni sofa for the Costa house. Unfortunately, what started as a burning passionate love affair between the sofa and I 6 months ago, has now dwindled down to a single flame and my waining affection is actually warranted given that I've been inquiring for months about the price of importing this sofa and I still can't seem to get a clear answer.

I've sat on the sofa, I've been given a glossy booklet on the sofa (one that resembles a brochure for a luxury car more than it does one for a couch). I've presented floor plans, I have picked my fabric, I have composed the shape, I have made numerous phone calls and despite my best efforts I can't get a finally tally on how much the damn thing is going to cost. I'm sort of getting the "if you have to ask you can't afford it vibe" so on principle I think I'm no longer in love with  this beautiful sofa. I'm a little like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman where I want to send them pictures of the final house and say "big mistake, huge!" but I think I have to be better than that so right now I'm working a on sofa Plan B. 

I've mentioned before that I've been renovating by best friend's cape house with her since the fall  and the first thing I picked for the space was an oversized, modular Cloud sofa from Restoration Hardware. My good friend has one in her home and I LOVE sitting on it. My bff has a ton of family (and 4 kids!!!) so the sofa was the perfect choice for their home. Now that I've spent so much time thinking about how this is the most amazing sofa for her beach house, I'm starting to think that this may also be the perfect sofa for my beach house. Where the Missoni was the hot italian guy you meet on vacation who has a trust fund and a sports car, who will also barely give you the time of day, the Cloud is like the guy you grew up with who feels like home and has a bright future and will love you forever. If I've learned anything in my almost 40 years of life it's that you should ALWAYS choose guy #2. 

So, this is what I've come up with for plan B. The Cloud sofa in a navy linen. I'd ideally like it in a baby blue linen but right now they don't offer it. Like the guy next door, it's not exactly what I dreamed of, but for this space and what we want this sofa for it's exactly what I need. I spoke to my contact at RH and mentioned I might be thinking of importing this guy down to the house and not only did she tell me it was possible, but she also told me that they would help arrange shipping. Oh and I was actually able to find out the cost, which is about 1/3 of what I think the Missoni will end up being.

I know, it's kind of hard to even look at the Missoni the same after knowing that, isn't it? 

My only hesitation is that I loved color that the Missoni would bring to the space and given that the house is mostly white plaster, teak wood (much lighter than pictured below), and cement, this house needs a little color or else it's going to end up looking to sterile. In the beginning I was thinking of doing the outside patio in a patterned tile (just the top deck) but I scrapped that idea when I feel in love with the Missioni, since I figured the two would be too much together given that they are separated by a glass wall that will often be completely open. Now I'm thinking that if I don't do the Missoni, I could do a fun tile and it would sort of be the best of both worlds and it would all be half the cost of the Missoni. 

The question would then be what tile? Funny you asked, because I actually know the perfect one! ;) The top image is one that I snapped from a restaurant at SOHO House Miami and when I saw it I instantly knew it was from the same manufacturer that I was already getting my tile from, Grenada tile. At SOHO they used this tile on the patio (off a gray rock like staircase, similar to what we are doing) and also on the bar backsplash. I was thinking that I could do something similar, but in blues) and I could also use the same tile on the front of our outside bar / barbecue area. It would be like I'm at SOHO but I wouldn't have to leave my backyard!

Granda tile is great in that they have an online tool that allows you to play with all the tile they offer and you can make it any color you like. I tried a few variations that I think would look nice with the sofa and surrounding decor and right now the bottom two are the frontrunners (although I do like the idea of the yellow as well in image 2.... hmmmm). I don't need to make any decisions anytime soon (an of course I'm going to be creating tile on the site like I'm playing candy crush) but I think my Plan B, might eventually become my plan A because it would allow for a killer sofa and a killer patio for a lot less than the original sofa would be. It would also bring in some of the bohemian feel that I love oh so much and it would only look better and better as it ages, 

I'm not 100% on this idea in that it's a little but more of a risk but I think that once I'm fully on board, I may find that I like this plan even more than the original. There really is nothing more in life that I love more than I tiled courtyard and the idea that I will have my own, and the boy next door? Well, what more could a girl ask for! Xx