What no one tells you when you have school aged kids is the last few weeks of school are actually crazier than the first few in September. I swear, all last week I was running around in a ferret like manner from one school related activity to another, and between all that I was trying to wrap up my client projects for the summer. Something had to give and I guess that something was the blog. Needless to say, those jam packed days are now in the rear view mirror and right now we are happily enjoying the quiet pace of life in our home away from home, Nosara. 

Prior to leaving I was having somewhat of a existential crisis and actually debating whether we should get off the treadmill and move here full time, but now that we are here I realize that I was just tired. Tired of traffic, and driving, and dinners, and birthday parties, and grocery store runs, and traffic (did I mention traffic) and really, I think I just missed our life here. Now that we are actually back living in our little slice of paradise I can see things more clearly and one scorpion bite later (and a graduation ceremony a few days before we left) I am back to realizing how wonderful our life is in Boston, but also how important it is for us to get away from it all down here. I'm pretty sure this is called balance. 

So, now it's a lot of surfing, walking in the rain, reading, writing, napping, and family time. This first week my parents are here along with my brother-in-law, but after that it's just the four of us until the middle of July. We are looking forward to some serious down time and I'll also be getting some things together for the build which means I should have some fun progress to share with you all. I hope everyone is having a great start to summer and if you are still in the end of school crunch, you have my support! The finish line is in sight! Xx

P.S. The picture above was from the drive down here when (I kid you not) an iguana the size of my kid was lazily crossing the road. I know I'm smiling here but let me just say that I've probably never been more afraid in my life given my reptile phobia! Ahhhh jungle livin! ;)