So Hot Right Now: Millennial Pink

Just like millennials themselves, millennial pink seems to be everywhere right now. There is still some disagreement about what color actually qualifies as millennial pink and I tend to think of it as a baby pink (or basically anything the color of what comes in a Glossier bottle- aka millennial heaven). Given that I am much closer to a Gen-X(er) than I am to a millennial, my cold heart still lies with the color black, but I have to say I'm not opposed to dipping my toe in the millennial pink waters. Who knows, it might just be the new fountain of youth! 

Below you will find a few of my favorite wares that sport this much sought after hue. Millennials aren't going anywhere (doesn't it seem like their generation only multiplies?) and I would say the same is true of millennial pink. I expect to see this color sticking around for the next year or so and even though I'm about 20 years too old, I have have to admit that I do have a soft spot for this soft pink! Xx

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