Cool Art Source: Wax Poster

I'm always on the hunt for great affordable art and specifically, great affordable surf/ skate art. I feel like it's such a great and easy way to add a little whimsy to any space and is perfect for teen bedrooms, beach houses, really anywhere you want a little fun. For years I lusted after an original Hugh Holland print for our bedroom (even getting a few quotes from the gallery that carries them) but ultimately realized that something like that is really out of my price range.

This is why I was so happy when I discovered the company Wax Poster. Wax Poster somehow was able to get the license to reproduce a few prints from some of my favorite photographers like Holland, along with Leroy Grannis and even Hunter Thompson. These are pieces that I have been unable to find anywhere else and ones that truly are iconic in the surf / skate world. Because of Wax Poster I was able to get the Holland print that I always desired for a fraction of the price and as you can imagine, this is where a good portion of the "artwork" for the Costa house is coming from. Because these posters are $75 dollars, it's an easy commitment and ultimately you get the look and feel of the original.

If this type of art is your jam, I can't reccomed this company enough. Their offerings are limited but for such a niche market I feel they really carry all you need! Xx