My Favorite Summer Shoes (Under $50 Dollars!)

Even though summer is a few weeks away, after the heat wave we had last week I am more than ready for warmer temps to finally arrive (and stay for good!) I've been meaning to share my favorite warm weather find from last year with you all, and this is one that I think you all are going to love! Enter the Palmaira sandal- the one item that I get asked about every single time I wear them! 

You guys, this sandal is everything I have ever wanted in a shoe. They are delicate, comfortable, sturdy, and under $50! I actually discovered this brand while we were in Costa a few years back, and did so the old fashioned way.... taking a peek at someone's shoes when they went in the water! I had been searching for a hard bottomed sandal, which is a necessity in the jungle, but one that was less clunky than my beloved Birkenstocks. I wanted something more feminine that was also made of leather so it could easily be cleaned. One would think that it would be easy to find such a shoe, but I really couldn't find one that checked all the boxes. One day I saw a woman wearing a pair of these on the beach and immediately I knew that these sandals were exactly what I was looking for. 

Palmairas, are available in multiple colors and patterns (and they even carry kids sizes), but being the simple girl that I am I tend to stick to the nude colors. They go with pretty much everything and the back strap really highlights your ankles which makes them the perfect shoe for cropped pants and dresses. The sole is as sturdy as a sneaker which means they are great for long walks, fairs, travel, parades... really all the goodness that summer has to offer. I ordered mine directly from the site which means there is a delay in getting them through customs but like all good things, this one is really worth the wait. I've worn mine for a few trips to Costa and so far they have held up great. So much so that I'm thinking I may need to order a backup pair because I would be devastated if I ever lost them! 

Here are my favorites from the brand, and you can see all the offerings here. Just be warned, a lot of people are going to ask you where these are from and the hardest part is pronouncing the brand name! Xx

*UPDATE: for those of you interested in sizing, I'm a size 6 US and wear a 36 in these. They do stretch a little.