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That House!

That House!


Lately, I feel like a lot of the designers that I admire have abandoned their quirky or whimsical design aesthetics and are now moving towards more neutral and calming design schemes. This may just be the way things go when you no longer have to rely on DIY to get a job done, or perhaps it's just part of each of their evolutions as designers. In the end, it's all about the client and I am certainly the last to give anyone advice, but I have to say... where did all the FUN in design go?

Perhaps it was the Scandinavian minimalist movement, or maybe it's just that more traditional interiors are making a comeback, but I've been missing a little bit of the crazy in my monthly design magazines and on the blogs I read. I'm guessing it is because I really grew as a decorator during a time period where weird was good and it was also very attainable and celebrated. All it took was a little creativity and knowhow and you could completely transform your home, and often it could be done with little design knowhow. 

This is why I LOVED seeing the home of Vadis Turner and Clay Ezell that was recently featured in the New York Times Magazine. I actually saw the spread while we were enjoying breakfast in bed on our last morning in Miami, and it felt like such a gift! Homemade banana chandeliers, miss-matched furniture, bright colored paint, funky wallpaper, you name it, this house has it. THIS is what I've been missing in my life and to see it all in one beautiful house... well, you know it got me crazy inspired and also a little envious.

To most our current home would feel a little outside of the norm but I do think that subconsciously I have been toning things down a bit. I think I thought that it made it look a little more elegant if I turned down the crazy, but seeing such a funky house that is done so well? Let's just say I've now been thinking of plastic fruit an entirely different way and you can bet I'm not going to totally white wash the Costa House.

This house feels so alive and it's one that I would just love to spend some time in. You can read the full article which details the renovation here (the couple actually relocated from Brooklyn back to their hometown of Nashville) and below you can see some of my favorite rooms in the house. (Did I mention how bananas that chandelier is? ;)) Xx


Talk about an entry! I love that this is the first thing that guests see when they enter the house, it really sets the tone!

Red is a color that I just can't seem to work with so obviously I would never think of painting an entire wall in the bold hue. Clearly, I have a lot to learn!

The children's room has the same vibe as the rest of the house. Lucky little buggers. 

This wallpaper is insane. Would I have ever picked it? Absolutely not. Would I love having it in my own home? Hell yeah!

This is mix and match furniture done right. That vintage chair agaist all that brick... be still my heart.

More color, which is the perfect way to spruce up this simple roof deck...

...and the exterior of the home!


The designer herself. I bow down. 

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