6 New (To Me) Slow Cooker Recipes

My kids both go to school in a suburb a few towns over, which really isn't that big of an issue until Spring rolls around. For us, March signals a new lacrosse season which pretty much means that our Tuesday and Thursday afternoons become one big clusterf%&*. I won't bore you with the details, but basically we all get home late and hungry after hours in traffic (for me) and the last thing that I can even begin to think about is how to get dinner on the table. 

In the beginning we all didn't mind getting take out from one of our local haunts, but as the months go on even that gets old and I found myself searching for dinner options that I could make in advance so we could all eat the second we walked in the door.  Enter my slow cooker... a tool that I usually reserve for Fall and Winter has again made a resurgence in the Anderson household and this time it's brought along something that my husband and I really haven't eaten in a decade; chicken.

Now that the boys are bigger, and are more adventurous in their eating, I've really been looking for meals that the four of us can all east together. I wish I could say that my kids will eat veggies and fish the same way we do, but the truth is that they are not there yet. What they will eat is chicken and rice and when it comes to my slow cooker / rice cooker vs not having dinner on the table, my husband and I (okay, let me be honest... just me) have agreed that eating a little chicken doesn't hurt anyone. 

Below you will find six of my newest favorite slow cooker recipes. The last one is the only recipe of the bunch that I have yet to try out, but I'm always on the hunt for anything that will make the mornings easier that doesn't consist of just skipping breakfast. These recipes all received varied comments from my family (this crew is not easy to please) but were meals that everyone ate and they stand out as ones that I really liked. I figured there are probably more than a few of you who are in the same predicament that we find ourselves in each week in and hopefully these recipes will give you a little breathing room for the days when you just can't get a meal on the table any other way! Xx

Sweet and Sticky Chicken Drumsticks 

(note: I don't add the siracha when I'm making this for the kids)