Best Maternity Basics

I have some exciting news... I'm going to be an auntie in September!!!

My little sister is pregnant with her first baby and it's a GIRL!!!!! The two of us are about as close as two humans can be so you know you know that I couldn't be more excited about this, and not just because it means that I will again be able again buy children's clothes that aren't only made by Under Armour. (Athough that in and of itself is kind of amazing.) I've been given the honor of designing the nursery and of course, I've been giving my little sis lots of advice along the way. (Not too much I hope!) 

For the past few years we've been kicking around the idea of having a third baby but in the end we were just too chicken to take the leap after all we went through to conceive and birth Gray. It's funny, ever since my little sister told me she was pregnant I've really felt the urge for another baby subside. I feel almost like a grandparent now and it just seems like it's time to pass pregnancy torch on to the next generation. In truth, I'm just happy to get in as many newborn cuddles as I can without having to actually birth another human myself! . 

Other than the nursery, one of the first things that I started talking to my sister about was maternity clothes. I feel like maternity clothes have come SO far since I was pregnant, which is crazy because that was only 6 years ago! I remember that when I was expecting, all I wanted was to be comfortable. So much of the clothing that was offered (and still is) were clothes that looked like maternity clothes but were just as binding as non-maternity ones. Note: I may have burned my maternity jeans the day we brought home Gray. (Not really, but I wish I had!) All I wanted were cotton basis that showed off my bump and ones that were plain so I could wear them over and over. (... and over, and over and over).

Well, it seems like many retailers have received the same memo as there are now companies that are solely built on making comfortable maternity basics, my favorite being Storq. I love the idea of investing in just a few pieces and then wearing them repeatedly. It makes life so easy and when you are pregnant which is exactly what you need. Obviously, I'm turning my little sister on to my favorite maternity clothes that I've bookmarked over the years and I have to say I'm just a touch jealous when I see how cute she looks in them. Why weren't these available when I was squeezing into wool pants?!?!?

For those of you who are expecting (congrats!!!) and for those of you who know someone who is, I've rounded up a few of the best maternity basics. That nursing bra is from one of my favorite new brands, Land of Women and it just looks so insanely comfortable. I imagine that we are going to see a lot more of these type of pieces coming out of companies run by women and who better to design them than someone who has actually been there!* Uncomfortable maternity clothes? Not any more! Xx

Pajayma Romper


*This could be applied to everything in life that has to to do with women and their bodies but we all know that's another post for another day! 

top photo via Cup of Jo for Storq