There isn't a day that has gone by since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school that I haven't thought about the beautiful children that lost their lives that day. I think about them every single time I drop my kids off at school and I think about them every time I pick them up. At first my thoughts were ones of sadness. I would see the pictures that their families would post, recognizing each anniversary from birthdays to the day of the shooting and it would rip my heart in two. Over time that sadness has morphed into anger and I am just so angry that since this (preventable) tragedy, we as a country have done nothing to prevent something like this from happening again.

As it stands right now, my kids are no safer at school right now than they were four years ago and the rage that I feel from that is indescribable. I remember reading an article that was discussing gun control and the author said something that was so horrific, but also so true, it just really put this all in perspective for me. He said something to the effect of, "if 24 dead first graders didn't get us to do something about the gun epidemic that is plaguing this country, nothing will." You know what, as hard as it is to hear that sentiment, he is right. If that event didn't bring us as a country to our knees, what on earth could?

The reason I bring this up today, is that tonight the premiere of the documentary Newtown is going to be appearing on PBS, for free across the nation. At first I didn't think I could watch it, I have hard enough time even getting through the trailer, but I've since changed my mind and I think I have to watch this. I think every parent out there actually has a duty to watch this movie. We all have watch this so we can again feel the weight and the sadness and then we can get angry. We can again remember how we all felt in the months that followed this horrific (and again, preventable) event. We can tap into that rage and start to demand answers. We can again ask questions like why aren't the mass shootings that are still happening on a weekly basis taking over the front page of the newspaper and being plastered on the TV? Why isn't this all we are talking about? The bottom line is that there is no way to honor the lives of these children if we aren't going to do anything to prevent this from happening to another child. There just isn't. 

This line from the trailer really struck me and I'll leave you with it... "the liberty of any person to own a military style assault weapon is second to my son to his life." Whatever your politics, we all have to believe that this is absolutely insane, don't we? This could have been any child, anywhere. We have to do better and it my hope that this documentary taps into a lot of the rage that we felt and are still feeling and that it motivates us all to do something. At some point don't we have to say that this time the price of liberty is just too high?

Newtown is also available for purchase across all platforms and you can find out more about hosting a screening event here. Xx