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The Costa House: Where We're At

The Costa House: Where We're At

It's been about 16 months since we first stepped food on our land, and now here we are... done with the design of the Costa house. Done!!! When my dad was down here last week we took a few last looks at the plans, made some minor changes, and gave it our stamp The rest, as they say, is history. Plans are being submitted, permits are being drawn and I now have the full picture of what the house is going to look like and man, I could not be more excited. 

Along with the structural, which won't really be changing from here on out, I also have a pretty good idea of where we are heading with the interior. While we won't actually start building until next March, it is just so much easier to make decisions now while we are in country, since this is where all of our furniture and tile will come from. Last week, I decided on all the tile that I want to use (all of it is coming from Granada) and to alleviate some of my indecision I laid it all out so I could be confident when it comes time to order. 

The most difficult decision was what tile to use in the kitchen. As you can see above, at first I thought I really wanted to use a soft pattern and a more modern hood shape. Once I got this rendering back, I decided that I most definitely do not want either of these things! The pattern is too busy and I don't like how dark it makes the space feel, especially when paired with the concrete floors and countertops. In the end I decided to keep things light and interesting. After I blogged about this fish scale tile, I decided that this is definitely the way I want to go (with a very light gray grout) and I think I'm going to run it only 3/4 up the wall to keep the kitchen from feeling too fussy. Since there will be so much white, I definitely think we should go with a metal hood and you know I'm going to drop some huge woven pendants over that island to warm the space up a bit. The wall opposite the cabinetry is made entirely of glass and I think the space is going to be insane when it's completed. 

The stair risers were another place that I wanted to add a little bit of drama, and while this rendering is a little old (that wall has moved, and the staircase as well) this gives an idea of what the interior will be like. I've always wanted to do something a little fun up the staircase so I decided to continue the fish scales and alternate the use of them between gray, aqua, and navy. I think it's a fun little touch that is going to add a ton of personality.  

The boys bathroom is HUGE because it's also going to be shared with a guest room on the second floor. I have loved this tile since I first saw this picture years ago and I am going to run it on the floor and the back wall of the shower like so, and also put it on the floor of the toilet. It's going to be fun and bold and I am so excited to see it when it's installed. 

For the boys' bunk beds (we are doing 8 in total) I've decided that I'm going to keep them in their natural teak. That means this room is going to be pretty simple, so I wanted to add a little punch of color. Since the room is next to the bathroom I thought I'd carry through a little more of that tile that I love so much, and put it on the risers to their beds, but just in a slightly lighter color. I've already purchased their bedding, which is a little blue, and I think that this little touch is going to give the room a little more visual interest and make it feel like a space for kids!

The shower for our master bath is completely open air so I wanted to do something fun on the floor that would tie in the white walls with the blue sky. I saw this tile in person and loved the bright blue, contrasted with the dark brown. I'lll probably just leave a few potted plants out there and I love how this tile will make the space pop, especially when you look through the glass door by the interior vanities. 

For our downstairs guest bathroom, I wanted to keep things simple since this will be the one space everyone will use on the ground floor. I have been in love with these two images and to get the same feel I decided to go with a simple navy tile, and run it three quarters up the wall in the shower, and all along the shower floor. I think it will add a little drama but won't be overwhelming. All the vanities are going to be floating and made of teak, with concrete countertops and I think that this dark blue will give a nice contrast. It's shown here in a larger fish scale but the one I'm using is actually a little more of a lantern shape, I just couldn't find an image on the website in the right color. 

The outside barbecue is the one place that I want to bring in some pattern and fun! It's a small space that is going to house the barbecue, a sink, a mini keg, and the pizza oven so really it's going to be a place that people hang out. Since there is only need for a small amount of tile, I feel like this is a place where I can really go bold and I've loved this tile the first time I saw it. I'm going to try to match that aqua color for the interior pool tile and I think together they will look so fresh and bright! It's a little bit of a risk but one I feel comfortable taking. 

Lastly, there is the guest house. This is a space I really wanted to make pop since it's going to be so small (about 600sq feet). There is a full sized bathroom in here and I thought it would be nice to carry some of the aqua from the pool/ barbecue area into the house to tie the two together. For the walls I am going to do a really fun shape, in the softer aqua hue, and on the floor a pattern that mimics the shape of the wall tile. It's going to pop against the white walls and I think it's going to look really beautiful. 

Talk about making decisions! 

So, where do we go from here. As I mentioned everything is being cemented over the next few months and permits will be acquired. When we come back in June / July we will interview builders and then hire someone soon thereafter. For the furniture I am working with a woman who owns a local home store, and this summer she and I are going to sit down and write a list of all the furniture I am looking for. I have a good idea what is available, but she will be heading to Bali in the fall and will be able to do some scouting for alternative options. We will nail down everything in the winter of tis year and then she can order / ship when the time comes. Building on the house will start next year and then exactly one year later (March 2019) we should be in! It feels like forever to wait but I know we are going to be so happy that we took such a long time to pull everything together. This way I know I'm getting exactly what I want and there won't be any surprises! 

In the next few weeks / months I should be getting some more renderings of the house and you know I will be sure to share them here! Ahhhhhhh its' all happening!!!!!! Xx 

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