What Is Everyone Reading?

On Saturday, we are leaving for Costa Rica and this time we will be there for over three weeks! All four of us could not be more excited to get back to our home away from home and you know I plan to soak up every last second of free time. Time is such a luxury in our everyday life, but down there things move so slowly- I almost forget to appreciate what it feel like to have a few hours with nothing to do. Not on this trip though. This trip I plan to read as many books as I can and I am making it my goal to clear my Kindle by the time we come home.

Here are a few of the books that I plan on reading while we are down there (some of these are still unread from our last trip) and I'd love to know what you all are reading right now. In the past I've gotten so many incredible recommendations from you all (the best was this one) so I hope you will share in the comments! Xx