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My Favorite Sports Themed Bedding

My Favorite Sports Themed Bedding

My kids don't agree on a lot, but the one thing that they both love equally (and unequivocally) is the New England Patriots. My husband and I can probably count on one hand the number of football games we've watched in the last decade up until this year, but that all changed last spring when Liam discovered the magic that is the Pats, and it certainly didn't take long to get the entire family on board. Now, we even watch the games when the kids are in bed and the with amount of time I spend talking about players, stats, rankings you'd think I was some kind of super fan as well. (Okay, I think I kind of am)

I've learned that one cannot fully appreciate what it is like growing up as a child who loves New England sports until you have a child who grows up in New England loving sports. The only way I can describe it is pure, unabashed joy. The boys look up to the Patriots players like they are gods and sometimes they find it hard to think of anything else. My boys attend an all boys school so each game, play, and player are often discussed in such detail, I can now see why some of the adults I know are just so insanely crazy about the Pats- I finally get it! I know outside of New England the Pats have a very different reputation, but inside this bubble it looks very different and after a night like last night, it just feels really good. 

You all know that I love designing kid's rooms the most, and a lot of the rooms that I have done recently have been for friends of my boys. When coming up with a plan for a room for a child I always ask what three things the kids are really in to, and then I take those interests and try to incorporate them into the space without being to literal. Hands down, my number one request from little ones is always for the Patriots or football in general to be included in their room. 

There are two schools of thoughts on sports themed kids room. The first is you just go for it and buy the team blankets, hang the posters, get all the gear with the logos on it and say, "hey! you only get one childhood." The second, (and the approach I tend to take) is to bring in some elements of their favorite team and mix it in a way that the kids know that they are being heard, but also so it isn't overwhelming. The easiest way to do this is through bedding and when a kid tells me they love a sport, this is always where I start.

I've used the two football sheet sets below more times than I can count (my boys have the football pillows cases from PBK and love them) and it's the perfect way to bring in the spirit of the game without becoming a advertisement for a team. Kids are fickle and right now it may be football they love and tomorrow basketball. By using a sheet or pillow case in a room you bring in the sport in general, and aren't stuck making over an entire room after your team has a few loosing seasons. Add in a framed poster and a solid quilt you instantly have a room your child loves and one that you don't tire of after a few weeks. 

Below you will find seven of my favorite sports themed sheet sets. I love that all of these have a white background, so they can pretty much work with any existing bedding. If you already have solid sheets, a pillowcase is a great way to bring in a fun accent and I have to say I love the idea of my boys drifting off to sleep while looking at the thing they love the most. Especially, after a night like the one we just had! Xx

Football Sheet Set: Pottery Barn Kids

Baseball Sheet Set: Land of Nod

Basketball Sheet Set: Target

Soccer Sheet Set: Pottery Barn Kids

Football Plays Sheet Set: Restoration Hardware 

Baseball Sheet Set: Target

Baseball Sheet Set: Pottery Barn Kids

(Photography by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography, (@SabrinaColeQuinn on Instagram). 

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