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As I'm getting older. I'm finding that I'm getting more and more averse to change. This applies to all facets of my life, but the fear is the strongest when it has to do with my appearance. In my youth (or a few years ago) I would change my glasses annually and my hair? At times it felt like that was changing weekly. Grow it, cut it, bleach it, dye it, pink (!!!)." It's only hair after all, it will grow back," I would say. 

And then I found "my look."

It wasn't really intentional, but one day I tried on a pair of black frames and decided that since no pair of glasses have ever looked better, these must be the glasses I should wear forever. Then I went platinum blonde. Same thing. I felt like this was the hair color I was supposed to have all my life so why change it? Then there was "the chop," where I found what has become my signature bob and it always looks good so why would I even think about doing anything different?

My hair has become my calling card of sorts, and makes me instantly recognizable. Over the past few years I haven't even considered changing it (which I think says a lot about how much it just works for me) but the other day I woke up and realized I was getting sick of all the sameness. Everyone knows me by my "look" and I started to think that it might be fun to change things up again. 

Key word change. 

And I hate change. 

 I also have indecision paralysis. 

... and a hair appointment on Friday. 

Insert the Bowie track here, what is a girl to do? 

Okay, so what I'm thinking isn't all that dramatic but it it is enough of a change that it's giving me pause. I've decided I want to grow my hair to my shoulders which in theory isn't that big of a deal but because of my platinum blonde locks I'm a little nervous. After growing up in Southern California I have a very strong dislike (fear) of what I refer to as "barbie hair," which is hair that is too blonde and too long. I was nervous about this when I fist bleached my hair but figured that since it would always be short, it would always be a little more chic. Sure there are surfer girls who can pull off this look, but 1) I am not one of them, and 2) you need to live on a beach to make that work. 

So I need to be careful, or I'm going to end up cutting it a few days after I start growing it, which means I am going to look like this FOREVER. Or worse, I will grow it and not know how bad it looks- you guys, please tell me if it looks bad!

Right now, I'm thinking a blunt shoulder length "lob"and of course, I will be armed with plenty of inspiration for my appointment. Here are a few ladies who are sporting longer, platinum looks that are decidedly not barbie.

The top left is my goal, but in reality it will probably look more like the bottom left. I'm still on the fence but I think I'm going to give it a go. A least I will be armed with my beloved metallic clips to get me though and I'm just focusing on how nice it will be to again be able to tie my hair back on the beach. I'm still not 100% sold, but it's only hair right? 

Said by no one EVER !!!! Xx

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