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'Round Here

'Round Here

In the Anderson house right now the name of the game is distraction. I've been trying to curtail my news reading throughout the day and really limit the time I spend on social media. To that end books and shows are back in full force and whenever possible music from my phone is blaring, whether it's in the car or in the house.

Here are a few of the things that are currently happening 'round here. 


Breaking out of the "bubble and reading both of these at the same time. The first, All The Light We Cannot See is a beautiful and moving story that tells the tale of a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths collide in occupied France as both try to survive the devastation of World War II. The second, Hillbilly Elegy is written by a former marine and Yale Law School graduate and it provides his account of what it was like growing up in a poor Rust Belt town. 


Big Little Lies was one of my favorite beach reads (ever) and now it's being made into a mini-series for HBO by the one and only Reese Witherspoon. It airs February 19th, and you can bet I will be there with a glass (bottle) of wine in hand! February, also marks the beginning of the last season of Girls and I for one am in the whhhhyyyy camp. I thought last season was one of the best seasons of any series that I've ever seen and I hope they can keep the momentum going for the final goodbye. I've also gotten really into The Affair this season (the finale was last Sunday) after feeling like it lost some steam in Season Two. The newest installment was dark, thoughtful, and it introduced a new and complicated character, Juliette. She made the entire season for me and if you gave up mid-way through it's worth it to keep going just to see her in Paris!


Right now I have these three artists on repeat and honestly it is what is getting me through the day. The first is by an artist Jon Foreman that I actually knew from high school and is part of a four record collection. Darkness is by far my favorite and despite the title is actually super hopeful- something we all could use right now! The second is Bon Iver's new album and probably one of my favorites ever. If you have yet to listen to Bon Iver you need to go to Spotify immediately. The band's music is truly like nothing you've ever heard. Lastly, my husband turned me on to this reggae artist / surfer Landon McNamara who just released his first album. It's full of tracks that are positive and fun and my kids love it as much as I do. When I turn it on my mood instantly lifts and you will find yourself singing the catchy tunes all day long! 


draw robertson.jpg

Like the rest of the fashion world, I have a bit of an obsession with Donald Robertson. His Instagram account is one of my favorites (#buythemnothing!) and right now I am crushing so hard on his recent collaboration with Clare Viver. I feel like these are pieces you would keep forever and hands down my favorite is that green leather tote with the jaguar lips! Le Swoon. 


(Photography of our home by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography, (@SabrinaColeQuinn on Instagram). 

For Sale: Donald Robertson's Montecito Estate

For Sale: Donald Robertson's Montecito Estate

A Glam (But Casual) Dining Room Plan

A Glam (But Casual) Dining Room Plan