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The Costa House: The Kitchen

The Costa House: The Kitchen

Five years ago, if you had told me that I would be designing the bohemian beach house of my dreams, I would have said with absolute certainty that I would have a big blue kitchen with lots of wood and funky hand painted tiles. I would have found a way to bring in some pops of pink and brass and I would have been so, so, so  happy with the way it turned out.

Well, I didn't actually wait for the beach house to get that kitchen and while I still love my kitchen, (shown above) with every fiber of my being, the last thing I want to do is replicate it in the Costa House These two homes are most likely going to be the only two we ever live in, and for that reason alone I want them to have a completely different feel. 

Over the weekend I received our first draft of the kitchen for the Costa house and I'd say I accomplished that goal. While there are still a few elements that are the similar to the what we we have in our exciting kitchen, like hand painted ceramic tiles, lots of wood, and stainless appliances- the two kitchens could not be more different. I love where the kitchen in the Costa house is heading and I'm so happy that I went in a completely different direction than I had originally planned.

I designed the layout of the kitchen to be the same as what one of my girlfriend's currently has, which is basically a giant island in the middle that is surrounded by cabinetry on all walls. We have a lot less space but I still loved the flow of  her layout, and think will be great for entertaining (I love how at her house everyone congregates around the island!) I wanted to highlight as much as I could the natural surroundings, that will be visible through the glass, so I went with polished concrete and wood to help accent the view. 

Here are the inspiration images I initially sent to our architect. 

And this is what she sent me back. 

Pretty close, right? 

These are my initial thoughts.

First, we won't be doing any cutout in the island. I think that was a miscommunication on my part and ultimately I want the wood to run the full width of the countertop. I will only have four stools that face in and I want to make sure we make the island as big as the space will allow. I also want to center the sink in the island. The space feels very "gray" to me, so I want to change the stain on the beams to that of the cabinets and switch out the metal baseboard for a wood one. I didn't suggest the stainless backsplash but I actually really like it with the white hood and plan on keeping it.

The kitchen as it is now is almost perfect in every way but it is lacking in something very important- personality. That's where these tiles that are from Nicaragua will come in. I found them in December, in town, and the second I saw them I knew that I wanted my kitchen covered in them. For the two walls where there is cabinetry I am going to run these from the countertop to the ceiling. TO THE CEILING! Ahhhhhh, I'm equal parts nervous and excited about this idea but I really think it's going to be what really makes me love this kitchen and what makes it stand out. 

I feel like I need to break up all the pattern in some way so I'm planning on hanging two of these oversized pendants over the island. I will keep the accessories neutral, I'm using this rug and natural, woven barstools. I think it will be a fun and calming space and best of all- it's not navy! 

Now that I am starting to get an idea of what the interior of our home will be I'm actually getting really excited. All of these little design decisions are starting to become very real and I can't believe that in about two years I'm going to be cooking in that kitchen! Xx

Top photo by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography // Second by Sarah Winchester Studios

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