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Drop The Mic

Drop The Mic


I'm sure that by now most of you have seen Jenna Lyons's SoHo loft that was recently featured in the New York Times. I know this insane home has already been the subject of much blog fodder, but honestly, I just need to talk about this space. When I first stumbled this article on a random Friday in December, I was pretty sure Christmas had come early. Like most people I had studied every inch of her previously published Brooklyn home, and this loft is just so much better. This space is unique, layered, lux, and just so Jenna. A few weeks later, I still can't seem to get it out of my head.


I truly don't even know where to start with this one. I often tell clients that the key to a beautiful space is good paint and flooring, but this apartment really takes that to the next level. Perhaps I should just staple pictures of this home to my head when trying to convince them to let me take their home to the dark side! Jenna, along with the design firm Meyer Davis chose Farrow & Ball's Card Room Green for the hallways and master bath, and I think that touch alone is what makes this home as spectacular as it is. It's such a great departure from all white walls (guilty!) and I'm definitely going to keep this in mind in the future. Oh, and those herringbone floors? Talk about a making a quiet statement.  

jenna 9.jpg

In keeping with the moody feel of the rest of the home, the master bathroom and kitchen are chalked full of glamorous details. Each features brass, black, marble and simple, yet stunning, architectural elements. Jenna, mentions in the article that this design of this home  was somewhat driven by the desire to have a unique space. Her last home featured in Domino, was so admired and emulated, so conversely she has created a space that is near impossible to copy. Each piece in this space is so specific to this home (that tub, that backsplash!) and would be near impossible to replicate.

While I couldn't (and wouldn't) copy her design, I do feel that a home like this pushes us all to be better. I remember seeing Jenna's Brooklyn home when I was at an age where I thought a sign of adulthood was living like you were in a Potterybarn catalog. Her home, which was the exact opposite on the design spectrum, opened up a world of possibilities for me and that brownstone was the first space that actually made me interested in design. Seeing this home some eight years later, at a time where I pretty much live interior design, is so incredibly inspiring. It's like Jenna keeps raising the bar, and thank god she does because it continues to challenge the rest of us. 

jenna soho.jpg

After seeing the rest of her loft, Jenna's master bedroom is so unexpectedly masculine. While the rest of the home oozes Old World Paris, this space has a very masculine vibe. It's what I would refer to as New York money. The wood paneling, the sable bedcover, those brass side tables the earth tones, this room is so elegant and I have to say it's refreshing to see a space that is just so well done. Without that crystal chandelier (which is from the living room in her old home) and those glass doors leading to the master bath, this space could feel too heavy. Instead, those details give it an airy feel and the result is a glamours bedroom that feels unapologetically luxurious. 


... and then there is a closet. Of course, a fashion icon like Jenna would have a killer closet but I have to say, this one with those mohair curtains really takes things to the next level. The colors from the living room, blush, grays, and baby blue, are carried through this space and I can't think of a more serene and beautiful place to start your day. In the video, Jenna mentions that she likes to have all her clothing out in the open because it's more inspiring. I say if you've got the wardrobe, you might as well flaunt it. 


... as promised, there is a video. A little over a year ago, I had the opportunity to have coffee with Jenna in her J.Crew office and I can say she is just as gracious, welcoming, fun, and as beautiful as she seems. I'm always ready to be disappointed by those who are in the public eye and Jenna is even more enchanting than her public persona. I have to wonder if it's a coincidence that Jenna's home was completed around the same time that she is on hiatus after her departure from J. Crew.  If this were my home, I would never want to leave and I can't imagine that Jenna would feel any differently. She is someone who continues to influence me and I'm so grateful that she gave us all a peek into her incredible new home!  Xx

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