My Three Favorite Holiday Party Looks

It's that time of the year... the holiday parties are here! The holiday party is the one event that is either celebrated or dreaded and I honestly think it all just depends on if you have a good outfit to wear. I've been rsvp'ing yes to so many things and I'm pretty sure that it's just because I want another chance to wear my favorite dress from Paris. There are three major trends that I am loving this year and those are without question velvet anything, heat to toe gold, and asymmetrical necklines. Below I've pulled what I think is the best of the best, that encapsulates these trends, and hope you all are able to find something you love. This holiday season, just say yes! Xx


image via  Viva Luxury

image via Viva Luxury

Head To Toe Gold

image via  Fieldstone Design

Asymmetrical Neckline

image via    WhoWhatWear

image via WhoWhatWear

A little programming note: I realize I haven't been posting as much as regularly but I've been a little crazed with personal and business commitments for the last few weeks. We leave for Costa on Saturday, and I plan on posting much more regularly after that! Thank you for you patience and I hope you keep checking back often! Xx

top photo from my Back Bay project by Sabrina Cole Quinn Photography