Just like that, two weeks have come and gone. Two blissful weeks that would only have been better if we had brought a baby-sitter with us. I'm kidding, but only partially. It turns out the beauty of forced family time is that it just forces you to do it. Back home the four of us are all so busy (which sounds crazy considering my kids are 6 and 10, but hey, welcome to parenting in 2017) that we no longer spend entire days together. Down here we can't really escape each other (believe me, I've tried) and somehow by the end of these trips we all have managed to peacefully co-exist, even after the after the rockiest of starts.  

Tomorrow, we race Santa home and we will again be reminded that it is actually the holiday season. For all of us, this trip always comes at just the right time and I'm pretty sure there isn't one of us that misses the madness that this time of your brings. After last week, we are one step closer to the completion our dream home and I've finally started to believe that in little over a year I will be living in it. This little town has become such a part of our lives, it's like our 5th family member. I will miss it every day I'm away, but luckily we know that she's always here, ready to welcome us with open arms. 

I wish you all the merriest of Christmases. May this season bring you a sense and peace and love. Xx